QM2 Naming Ceremony - RM Band

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ExPara, Jan 8, 2004.

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  1. Just watching the Queen Mary 2 naming ceremony from here in the world's largest sandpit. Sky News were covering the ceremony and the Royal Marine band was doing its thing but we couldn't hear them.

    The presenter informed us that they couldn't play the sound because "three members of the band are in the Musicians' Union"

    Shocked and stunned :?
  2. No way!! How very crap.

    Can you imagine that on the next Trooping the Colour?

    Spotter geek mode: Went down to see QM 2 dock when she first came into Southampton Water at the beginning of the year. FBB! Fecking BIG Boat! 150000 tons (USS Nimitz is around 90000 fully loaded), around 1200' long (Nimitz -1000 or so). Rather big posh tub. Although I hear its a bit like Las Vegas inside, very yank, rather tacky.
  3. I'm so shocked and stunned I can't think straight. Does this mean that their music can't be broadcast for some reason? What reason? Why? Are we still in the 1950s? Where's my bomb?
  4. A few Royal Marine Bandies should be in the Pie Eaters Union.

    A fat Band Colour Sergeant complete with sash is not called the 'Easter Egg' for nothing.

    Top musos, wouldn't be without them, but they need to more exercise, and less scran.
  5. How can them being in the musicians union take precedence over their being Royal Marine bandsmen?
    The sounds they make are not owned by the individuals; they are not self employed musicians but Royal Marines, Bandsmen and members of Her Majestys armed forces.
    If puts the whole unions debate into a whole new light for me.
    "No can do Sar'nt ...I don't care if we are surrounded and the enemy is closing..I've done my four hours this afternoon and as a member of the Soldiers Union I'm entitled to my ten minute break NOW." :roll:
    If these bandsmen want to find themselves redundant they are going the right way about it!.....outrageous 8O

    My friend Louise sailed on the ship on New Years eve....bet it was fun :D
  6. Not something that you ever will or ever have had to deal with then?
  7. RM Bandsmen (tut :wink: Bandspersons these days, they have girls too!) are a fine body of military musicians, good for morale but don't confuse them with the Green Machine. Rank is 'Musician', not Marine. NCOs are prefixed "Band" Band Corporal, Band Sergeant etc.

    Bandies military duties are as medical orderlies (as they were in Telic) and they have enough military training to ensure that they are not a liability if they have to pick up a weapon. They have been used for guarding POWs and took part in Fresco. Did very well I hear. But I have yet to see a Commando Bandie. They wear the same beret as recruits to the Royal Marines and 99% of beret wearing Matelots. It's not green.

    Perhaps the TV presenter was talking boll*cks, TV presenters do! Perhaps it was the TV Company being over right-on. I can't imagine for a moment that the Bandies said you can't broadcast 'A Life on the Ocean Wave' or whatever. However, their presence at the ceremony would be a private but legit gig ( the financial arrangements for which I don't have a clue about), with all its PR benefits, though not if we can't hear them on TV.

    Being a member of the Musicians Union will get Bandies discounts on plectrums, reeds and sheet music but the Bandies are the least militant bunch you could meet, as long as you are not in the scran queue with them!