Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by capitalred, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know if ISCP'S are available on diif?

    trying to find ISCP 22
  2. what are you after in regards to this ?
  3. Hard to describe really, but iam hoping it will give me a form ive been trying to track down.

    sorry if the following is confusing or teaching you to suck eggs :oops:

    when doing unicom accounting there needs to be a fallback at the end of each month, the cover sheet is specific to each account I.E ET ACCT, CLOTHING ACCT etc. I have this cover sheet but it is for the expense acct, the headings for the fallback prints are quite different from the expense and ET accounts, i need the ET one (actually all of them would be good).

    on the one i have got the only clue to where it came from is Annex D to section 8, i have trawled through the nightmare that is the defense intranet and cant find what iam looking for, but did discover that fallbacks are covered by ISCP 20 & 22, i have 20 but its no help so wanted 22 to see if that helps.
  4. should maybe have added that i have also discovered that ISCP's might have been incorperated into JSP's or made into ICI's :x :x
  5. thats exactly what i was looking for :D , except i was after the Equipment table version (is there such a thing) rather than the USA. I have tried cutting down the link slightly to get into whatever site/main link you got that from, but i cant get in :cry:

    looking at it again the USA MIR (Fallback cover sheet) cant be that much different from the ET one, Just missing any serial number references ETC. Iam maybe being to pernickity looking for the exact one, when i could just bastardise that USA copy
  6. Exp Acct MIR is;

    Stock Level Report
    Discrepancy Report
    Demand Book Report