Qick question on Ta kit issue.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stormtrooper2006, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. This is probably a completly daft question but do I need to bring a bag with me or do i get one of those big **** off black things?
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. You might get a black holdall if you are really lucky or more likely a green kit bag of the sausage type.

  4. You could always play safe and nonch at the same time, bring a small bag, with a GBFO grip inside it. If you need it, it's there; if you don't, only you know.
  5. suppose i could do that like, cheers.
  6. You might get a green sausage type bag if you fell through a hole in time and were joining up to give the Bosch 6 of the best trousers down

    Seriously though

    It depends on unit, but you should have something to carry the kit home, if its a full kit issue then you will get a rather gucci black holdall which is a million times better that the piece of crap I got when I joined up, however if your unit does the "initial Issue" approach then it may cone in a black plastic bag or similar

    As I said depends on your unit
  7. When did the holdall officially replace the sausage bag? (if indeed it was the replacement.) Obviously training establishments/TA will be issuing them out long after regular units have stopped, but at what point did the sausage bag cease to be produced/procured? (Only asking cos I've still got my issue one in my attic, in pretty good nick too.)
  8. I haven't seen one since I joined the TA which is over two years ago

    Shame really because the sausage bag was a bloody good idea, you could stuff quite a bit of kit in them and when unpacked they folded away into a nice laundry bin
  9. I didn't get issued a holdall. I took my initial kit issue home in a bin bag! Still haven't been issued one and don't think I'll get one. Not too concerned though.
  10. It's much easier if you take a car.

    If you haven't got one, find somebody who has.

    PS Don't throw anything away because it looks like some rubbish has been included. You'll probably find that said item is an essential part of the equipment. The tie is a classic example - thousands must have ended up in dustbins.
  11. The holdalls are issue at RTMC - along with those nosh little black rucksacks. They may have made it to some units, dunno.

    To ST06 - be prepared for anything - you may be lucky, you may get a bin bag (I received my stuff with the bergan but then we're a strange unit). I'd echo puttee's point - even if it is useless, it may be something you are required to hand back either when you leave or when they change the whatever-it-is.
  12. Its the only reason I have not left, I've lost so much kit over the last 30 years it'll cost me a fortune....
  13. Got my uniform,boots etc issued in black holdall,and then PLCE,sleeping bag,respirator haversack came in bergan.
  14. A real Stormtrooper would take WHAT THE FUCK I WANT
  15. Wel i got that big black holdall which is quite good, you can even use it as a back pack. I also got my bergen and yoke and various pouches, 2 pairs of combat boots and pair of hi-tec silver shadows, wow wee. Not sure what the standard kit is, i assume what i got given is standard