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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    excellent this evening on the extended one - victoria coren saying breasts cock and ejaculate :)
  2. More than once too, do you think she's got something about rabbits. Hopefully this series will be better balanced than the last, I found that one to be nowhere as intresting as previous seasons.

  3. The little minx is a top ranked poker player too, pity it's David Mitchell who gets to bum her
  4. Mustn't mention her dad Alan Coren, he of BBC and media royalty. It's not like he got her a break in telly, no siree. She's there on sheer talent. Done it 'her' way....... all alone.
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  5. Her brother has done ok for himself as well. I'd still wallop her until her ear rings fell out.
  6. I had to look her up on wikipedia. It says she won £500,000 in a poker tournament and made (directed) a porn movie.
    I'm impressed.

    And the Aztec 400 rabbits gods have frequent parties and were gods of drunkenness. I had to Google that too.
  7. I reckon the dream thing was a put up job, makes Ms Coran all the more impressive in my mind.

    Disappointed by the gigabytes of **** nonsense