QHI selection & the AAC goalposts.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by D-FENS, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. Just seen the results of the latest board.........and I must ask, what the fouk is going on with geriatrics being selected for QHI training??
    I was only told last week that the upper age limit was 34, he must be 60 if he's a day!!
    Level playing field??????? I think NOT

  2. Oh come on, some of my best instructors were really really really really really really really really old. They taught Douglas Bader.

    Personally I don't think there should be an age limit. Should just be on suitability for the job. Age is a bit of an arbitrary line to draw in the sand, and I would be interested in the rationale behind it. Particularly as this is a job where experience seems to be (pretty much) everything.

    Would you say someone over 34 was less capable of teaching than, for instance, a young officer with more limited experience?

    Apologies if this is a serious answer to a fishing exped ;) Maybe it was a mis-type on the regulations and it's supposed to read 54... but no, he's still over the limit then. :)
  3. Got to throw my two-penneth worth in here . . .

    I'm happy to be one of the lucky ones who was fortunate on the said lottery... I finally submitted my application, did the checkride etc. I have to say that the MAIN reason I did all this NOW is because of the 34 year old limit - I'm told that "they" are going to re-instate this limitation imminently and, being 35 in the next few months, I didn't want to miss the boat. I should point out that it was always an intention of mine anyway and that I haven't just "thrown in my cards" to see how they will come up.

    I agree with the sentiment that it shouldn't be age limited - surely it would be better to limit it on capability? However, I understand that a certain return of service needs to be expected from said QHI once he is qualified. This could mean that they are given extended service on LSL(A) though, couldn't it? Certainly, someone from this location has been given 5 years extra in order to obtain this return of service. My point is, age shouldn't limit - capability should. If that person is in the upper age bracket - give them continuance - there's plenty of it going round!!!

    My main point on this subject is that there is someone who submitted their application to this same board - 2200 hrs plus, blah blah blah. However, he's not been selected due to "insufficent experience"

    Now, I don't want to open up the can of worms of flying hours -vs- experience, but I would say that with that amount of flying, surely the candidate must have at least a modicum of experience!! Particularly considering some of the other candidates who WERE selected. With only just over 1500 hrs myself and knowing that the flying totals of a couple of others who have been selectedare somewhat less than that, I really don't see it as a viable excuse/reason, call it what you will.

    I believe a similar case happened recently to (names not included) a couple of others I know. I don't know why this answer is given, nor the reasoning behind it, but surely these individuals deserve more than a "brush off" of "insufficient experience" wouldn't you agree?

    Perhaps you may think that I should be happy that I've been selected and should shut the fcuk up. Perhaps you're right, but I would like to know the "real" answers. For the sake of my colleagues, if no-one else . . .

    I await your points . . .
  4. As with most of our boards, the requirements are just a filter and to some extent can be used to off load those not deemed to be suitable for whatever reason. A bit like a night club door man who can tell you to get lost for whatever reason even though you think you fit the dress code etc.

    Pongo Pilot. You have clearly slipped through the net if they are allowing you on a course!!! (Well done mate and Im sure you will have enough stationary with you when you go)

    Will CFS be having this bloke as an exchange student soon?
  5. Pegasus - you obviously know me - care to PM me and enlighten me?!

    Cheers for the congrats, though!

  6. Nothing much changes does it? Back in the 80s when I wanted to go QHI, they lowered the age limit, and I was too old. 2 or 3 years later they raised the age limit, and I was still too old! Then they decide they were short and made some "exceptions".

    As for experience, I had about 2000hrs at the time, but someone on the same board as me got through with only 500!
  7. A lot of extra work for no extra reward and a whole bunch of "I'm better than you" hurdles to jump.

    Good luck to anyone, no matter how old (or young) who gives it a go.

    And no, I'm not being sycophantic...my check ride days are over, it's more of a check desk tidy these days. :(
  8. Floppyjock, you're probably right, to be perfectly honest. However, I look at it this way . . .

    1. I've got at least another 5 plus years to do in the army - I could stay as a line commander and "pass on knowledge" as crusty old guys do in the Sqn (and they are needed too - I'm not knocking them!) However, I'd prefer to move out of the typing pool and have some sort of portfolio within whichever Sqn I end up in. You could argue that I've already got that with SupFAC but it's not flying - that's all I joined up to do - honest! So being a QHI would be (for me) another goal achieved.

    2. Now that I've achieved MY goal of becoming a pilot, I would love to be able to help someone else achieve theirs. This may sound rather like a cliche, but I would really like to "give something back" and being a QHI, to my mind, is an ideal way to do that. I remember how much gratitude I felt for my instructors on my wings parade. Now I'm not saying that I want this to boost my ego (hey, it's probably big enough according to some posts on this site!! :wink:) but I would really like to be an "enabler" - someone who can steer someone in the right direction to becoming what they've always wanted to be. For me, that's the biggest "kick" I'd get out of the job. Sure, in the field army, there isn't much opportunity for that - they're all trained pilots already - but there is opportunity to be able to take someone out flying and enhance, hone, broaden their skills.

    3. Serious part over, I can't wait for the frontal labotomy and all that extra QHI pay!!! :D

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha PP, just think a new forum for you to kiss that booty.........................................................And what experience? Oh yes typing the OC's letters.
  10. Have I missed something here???? Who is this?
    Someone PM me please.

  11. Must be some old hasbeen, laird. I'll do some digging and let you know. ;)

    (If he is as old as they say, I don't think he will have the capacity or memory retention for the course.) :roll:
  12. As soon as you get your first student, you'll be christened "Chopper" Pongo-Pilot anyway - no matter how nice you are ;)
  13. CR, I almost missed part 2 from PP!

    Fcuk me, this needs to go on the AAC recruiting website. Either that or you could use it when competing in Miss World, PP. You failed to mention helping starving kids and enabling world peace! :):):)

    I'm sure Wallop will beat that kind of attitude out of you!
  14. How on earth could you miss it? I was just wondering how such a nice chap was ever gonna make it as a trapper ;)
  15. what does age have to do with it anyway?? Has the individual got any experience? As many would quote "what can he/she bring to the party"? More than 500 hours?? More than 1 theatre of ops?? Way ahead of SOME of the competition then if thats the case!!!!

    Anyway.........what fcuking party would that be then?