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A couple of questions - do you think that we have a QHI MAFIA system in the Corps and the rest of us who have a experience in other areas apart from pure flying skills (ACT/EW/Weapons/NVG/IF) are being beaten down by those QHIs that see their empires shrinking?

This new QHTI qualification.  Are we sending QHIs on it first (refer to above paragraph!) or are we following the line of the other 2 Services that both let non QHIs instruct after a 2 week ground course on Air Instruction?  I.E. It is only our own Standards that dig in their feet to us lesser mortals putting our experience to good use? CFS are more than happy with the idea and have been letting the crabs and fisheads do it for years.

Second question (your money is safe, you don't have to answer or you can phone a friend) but why is it that young officers aren't given the support of the senior Staffy'S/WO's?  Are the YO's that arrogant or are the Seniors so full of their own self importance that they forget when they were baby pilots?  Someone carries the buck when/if it all goes wrong and in the current system it is the YOs where that buck stops not the Seniors.

None of the above is a bait I promise - you know, just a couple of questions that niggle away at the back of the mind!
Firstly, you must have just been slated on a Form 3? Or you have a massive inferiority complex??

With regards to your question on 'The Empire'. I believe it has been due to the Corps having no major specialization in the past. What I mean is weapons and tactics featured as a very minor part to how the AAC operate. Now I know all you HWI types will get a head on with that comment but think about it, we have only been playing at being a Teeth Arm  for the past couple of decades. How many Helis around the world in a similar role to ours only employs one type of weapon system in such a limited bracket? We have been too busy trying to sell ourselves. That leaves....basic flying. Who is going to have a monopoly on that?
QWI's in the Crabs have a far greater standing than QFI's purely because it's what they do the most off, dropping kit.

To answer your second question, in my experiance, it is such a good idea to take a young Rodney under your wing regardless of his attitude. Better a SNCO does than be beaten to it by another Officer with only a couple of years on said Rodney. I'd rather mold the sprogg and impart 16 years than Rodney Snr teaching him a disjointed out look on the world (not always the case I know). Platoon Sgt mentality. At least it gives us a fighting chance of him being onside if he reaches Sqn OC or higher. Good investment in the long run. There are lost causes though, I could name several, but I wont!



Could probably name a few also!!! Oh no, they'd be the same ones!!!!!



As to Form 3 and inferiority complex....have a butchers at the left of the post....you ARE confusing me with someone mate!

I see your point though - no DAS, limited weapons system employment, BAOR mentality - hmmmh comfortable shoes and so very cheap (probably why 16 AAB have gone on every Op deployment without us!)

Your seconfd point though - I'll go 50/50.  You may have 16 years experience, but have you done all the command course and exams etc?  Your job isn't to command is it, otherwise you would be paid alot more for the responsibility?  Your 16 years experience is surely there to ensure whatever is commanded is executed in as efficient manner as possible (because you have 16 years of poling time or whatever behind you).  It is not your position to take anyone under your wing - you can offer advice and should be involved in the estimate/brainstorm and you should debrief a Rodney hard on completion when aircraft are safely in bed.  But once a command decision has been made then unless it contravenes the Geneva Convention then that is it, otherwise we all end up saying, ' I'm awfully sorry do you mind if I don't do this at the mo, or more commonly a subversive post orders huddle by the SNCO saying 'right boys this is the way that we are really going to do it...' Sorry mate - Sandhurst, JOTES, JSCS and all the other wanky courses are there for a reason!  Your 16 years experience is there for a totally different reason.  

Your 16 years experience on its own wouldn't get you very far  - its a team effort - especially in new theatres/operations and even more so when there is so much to do than just shout HELARM now and all know exactly where your BP was to fire at the RED forces going through the Sibesse Gap or the Hockey Stick!
Right TSD,hope you`ve got your body armour on cos you have just made yourself look like a right bellend!

Ref young Rodneys.

First you ask why young officers aren`t given the support of the seniors and said YO has to carry the buck,then when someone says that they would take a subbie under his wing you slate the poor guy and bleat on about command.You cant have it both ways.

Doesnt command mean having to take responsibility eg where the buck stops.

Now while I wholeheartedly agree that when commisioned you are trained and able to command but
Sandhurst is not that good that a brand new subbie knows everything about his/her job.

Everybody has to do an apprenticeship where you learn from the available experience and Sandhurst is just the first part.

As for Officers being arrogant and Seniors being full of it I dont think either is the case.

Most young officers I have worked with have been only to happy to ask advice from the seniors who on the whole are more than happy to help.

You will always get the richard craniums on both side but thankfully they are few and far between.

Where about do you fit in TSD? :mad:
Cheers Onya, you saved me the trouble. I can't be arrsed! I think you might find that TSD fits into the acting Cpl Chef/Pioneer type, just guessing.

TSD, your comment regarding YO's is utter gibberish. Or have you no real command time?

Well nearly couldn't be arrsed!


Well happy with that line of arguement!  As to looking a bell end you haven't seen me after 8 pints! Hey, its a crew room chat - not lets re-write the Defence Paper!  

All good points - there is 'under the wing' in a fatherly manner (thank God it is out there otherwise the Rodneys would be well and truly buggered!) and then there is the Rodney that is roughshod - I nearly said bullied (and put your hand on your heart and tell me that for every 10 arrogant Rodney you haven't seen one over zealous SNCO?).

This is chewing the fat guys - imagine no flying (Joke, honest!) and we are all sat around a crew room.  Believe it or not this is where I learnt most of my lessons from listening to others ideas/mistakes and views.

As to being a Chef - cor, bloody hell - I wish....that would get the missus off my back.  I screwed up an omlette the other day!  As to Command experience - willy waving was never really my seen.......but I'm okay thanks!

See you around  :D
TSD, good to see we've got this back down to a bit of crewroom fat chewing. I do hate slanging matches. ;D
Couldn`t agree more,lets have a brew.

Brew bitch ?

Brew bi........ bugger, thats me, cappuccino anyone? ;D

Tried to write Brew Bee-eye-tee-see-aitch but it appeared as pregnant dog.

Wonder what other words have been doctored!
Mmm. In the interests of evaluation, lets start a thread to see how many words have been changed and what we can get away with.



Just squatting in here since I'm not one of you Sky Gods...but couldn't resist Flashy's challenge:



:D  OK Flash....I'll give it a go!

Pooh Bum
Scammel Nuts
Labia Majora
Labia Minora
Rusty Bullet Hole

That should do for now!  Lets see what happens....God how old are we?  Isn't this first day of school stuff!


The 'thingy' is Papa - Echo - November - India - Sierra for your information......whoopeee doo as it seems to be quite liberal on the rest!
Yes, most interesting that we can say ****** but not penis, that latter being a medical term! Although not being able to say **** really fucks me off as I use the twat shit bollocks word quite alot. I shall be filing my **** report in the ******* near twat future.


;D Lord Flashheart, Who really gives a flying F""k excuse the pun BUDGIES.

Any way in a funny sort of perverse military way when the pilots walk round in their flying helmets, Do you think that they look like erect mobile pea nus´s
Thanks Trog. As usual, your input is unvaluable. Toddle off back to the bar so us adults can continue our intellectual conversation. I'll see you there in a mo.

fallopiun tube
Yes - errr... given the choice, I think I'd rather read more about the slagging match!  ;)
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