Hello all, I'm looking to get a commission in the Royal Gurkha Rifles and I had a quick question that wasn't answered by a quick scout on the web and this forum.
Although I realise that it would be stupid for a British Lieutentant to treat a Major(QGO) like he was a lower ranking officer although he technically is, are Lieutenants(QGO) effectively on a par with British Lieutenants or do the ranking systems not really correspond?

Thanks for answering what could be a bit of a stupid question
Yup, it was a really stupid one and for a good number of reasons:

1. QGOs do not exist anymore with the exception of QGOO (Queen's Gurkha Orderely Officer) appointment which lasts only for a year.

2. There are no more Gurkha Lieutenants, they all get LE Commission as a Capt similar to the rest of the Army.

3. And no, no able minded Lieutenants would treat a Gurkha Officer as though he was a junior ranking officer let alone the senior most Gurkha Officer in the Battalion who plays the trump card for the CO, now there's a different topic to start...

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