QGJ medal 2002, the mong gong!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by blobmeister, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. I have been asked to mount some medals, on inspection I have found the QGJM to be a fake/not gen issue (very bad one at that). On further inspection, due to the Army Number on the other's, the recipient couldn't have qualified. What would you do?

    Mount them and give them back?

    Enquire through the clerk for them to check docs for issue?

    Kindly reject the buisness, and state you cannot mount them and explain your reason ?( in private of course)
  2. Mount all but the QGJM, then threaten to bubble unless paid double.
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  3. Depending on respective rank, I would call him/her in and respectfully/discretely request an explanation. Remember that you don't have to be in the Army to qualify for the Battle of Jubilee Medal so the individual's service number may not be a sound indicator of fraud.

    FWIW, my advice is to do something but be slightly careful. I'm not saying you're wrong but, depending on circumstances, false accusations can be as damaging as fraud itself. However, do not let that hold you back from having the courage to do the right thing. Good luck; I hope you're wrong, this kind of thing makes my blood boil.
  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    blobmeister, with that rationale you wouldn't mount Prince Harry's or Prince William's QGJM as their award pre-dates their service. This actually happens more often than you suspect. I know of several TA soldiers who have qualified for the medal exclusively through their civilian jobs as Policemen. Who knows, there might even be an interesting story behind it!
  5. No, I have already done the subtle, digging approach! I know that Wills & Harry got there's, but all of the Royal House Hold got it by appointment. Even if he was TA, it would still show on Pampas as an issue from Medal Office/Royal Mint! (as with Police and Fire). His age is a factor as well to work in any of the mentioned.
  6. His army number is a good way to check when enlisted. After a quick nosy though,

    This medal will be issued in June 2002 to mark the golden anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

    It is anticipated that some 366,000 Golden Jubilee medals will be issued, compared to the approximately 30,000 1977 Silver Jubilee medals.

    The Golden Jubilee 2002 medal will be issued to the following personnel:

    All personnel who are in paid effective military service with the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force on 6 February 2002, who have completed 5 calendar years service and were enlisted on or before 7 February 1997.
    All personnel who are in effective military service with the Volunteer Reserve Forces on 6 February 2002, completed five annual bounty earning training years and were enlisted on or before 7 February 1997. One of the bounty years must have been the year 2001-2002.
    A member of the Regular Reserves who is in military service on 6 February 2002 become eligible if their aggregated Regular and Voluntary service amounts to the 5 year qualification period.
    Any member of the Military Provost Guard Service whose MPGS paid service equates to the 5 year qualifying period.
    Contracted Royal Fleet Auxiliary personnel in service on 6 February 2002 who have completed the 5 years qualifying period.
    Cadet Officers and Cadet Adult Instructors with a total of 5 training years service, providing the service period includes 6 February 2002 and they are part of an established post. The person must have started on or before 7 February 1997 and the year 2001-2002 must be part of the service period.
    A member of the 'front line' emergency services, accessed via the telephone number 999, who have completed a minimum of 5 years reckonable service on 6 February 2002. The emergency services include the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services, the Coastguard, Royal National Lifeboat Institution and Mountain Rescue services.
    The medal itself is cast in gilt-finished cupro-nickel.
  7. I transferred to the reserves in 2001, have my 5 years service but I am assuming because i was not on military duties on the 6th February 2002 i would not qualify. Or could you argue that i was on standby every day of my reserve commitment.
    Not really bothered about it just curious to know if i qualify.
  8. Dragstrip - The Battle of Jubille Medal. :D

    I like that a lot, I'll use that from now on.... :p
  9. The problem is not that he did/did not earn it (I will also use the Battle of Jubilee from now on :D ) but that it is a poor imitation.
    Why not ask him casually how did he lose his original as the one with all the others is a copy. Then you can get into the conversation re qualifying for it that way. If he has lost it he will come up with a good reason (which will be so stupid it will probably be true). If he goes, deathly white or tomato red, he knows he has been rumbled and you have your answer...
  10. An old friend of mine on Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) still wears uniform because he remained in the same full-time job after completing his time. Despite having served in some pretty hairy places during his 30+ years of active service, he somehow managed to avoid qualifying for a single medal. You can imagine his disappointment on discovering that, unlike Cadet Officers, Cadet Adult Instructors, et al, people on FTRS were not entitled to the QGJM when the criteria were announced. I left the Services a few months after him but qualified for mine by the skin of my teeth.
  11. I was looking at some phots on Facebook of some matelots I joined up with and in one of them, one of them has the Jubilee Medal. I'm no longer in the same trade as him, never mind the same unit so can't ask him outfront.

    What I cannot fathom is why he is wearing it as the two of us joined up as U-18's on the same day (in July 1997) and I'm not eligible to wear it so how the hell can he???
  12. Of all the ways to walt it up, the QGJ Medal is surely the saddest (But I suppose also the one you are most likely to get away with).
  13. Battle of Jubilee... :)

    Short of a new one-liner? ARRSE ro the rescue again. Brilliant.
  14. Yes, yes, but which Battle!
    You must make it clear whether you are referring to the First or Second Battle of Jubilee (and, if medical science and HM's iron constitution is to be relied upon, the not-too-distant Third)?
    They were very different encounters — the first was a bit like Rorke's Drift with three medals per battalion whilst the second was more like a general action in the Peninsular War, rocket troops 'n' all.
  15. ARRSEpedia updated to show Battle of Jubilee Medal (QGJM page); if someone with more time wants to do a new article for that particular battle...