QDP College - WTF?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Charm_City, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Ah this is the Hull College thing isnt it. I read it this morning on the local rag website.
    The instructors in question are ex army although the instructor accused of bullying is only 20 so appears to have little if any experience.

    The college prepares kids for uniformed life and that includes the police, firebrigade and all 3 armed forces.

    The person who warned the potential recruit to keep her gob shut was a member of staff at a careers office.

    Bad reporting I feel.
  2. WTF is a 20 year old doing anywhere near (potential) recruits? Squaddie or not (and I doubt he was ex HMF if of course he was 20).
  3. Sorry my mistake, the 20 year old doing the bullying was a pupil. Hull Daily Mail didn't make that clear.
  4. The Telegraph article says Williams was a 20 year old trainee, not an instructor.

    I'd be more concerned about the fact a recruiting sgt told her if she continued with her complaint it would have an impact on her Army career, especially as she isn't in the Army, yet.
  5. Mea culpa -let me redirect my ire to the Careers Office:)
  6. Having found their website

    Forces Prep - Uniformed Services Training in Hull

    I'm slack jawed with amazement to find that there is a market for a one year long pre-selection course.

    And if one ARRSEr see their vid I'm sure we'll find they're in breach of the Illegal Drilling Act of 1842 or some such.
  7. After watching their vid I'd like to to know where the word of command "Into line right turn" comes from, I've never heard it and it wasn't covered in my foot drill at the halt TP.

    There's also some horrendous cam cream application on display.
  8. Well based on that I suggest we sack the lot and let the Guards Depot take over and QDP won't know what has hit them. Blast, I forgot the Armies answer to The Gulag has long gone!
  9. The nearest I can think of is 'Into Line, Right Form' as per the Troop. I could be wrong though as I'm already on the vino.
  10. I like it, nothing like a bit of D-Lines action and running up and down Sand hill in your 2 dress to get you ready for military service.

    Or, they could at least have instructors that know what they're doing, it's not hard to teach drill correctly (or at least using the correct words of command).
  11. Could be wrong but I think that's Crab drill
  12. After a quick search all I could find was ATC drill manual/pamphlets but as they use
    AP818, RAF Drill and Ceremonial, 7th Edition as a reference they're good enough for ARRSE, they list left/right turns at the halt as simply being

    Right turn.

  13. I watched the video, with the Queen soundtrack, good grief, sort of like a cadet weekend, without the emphasise on drill, turnout, or personal admin. And they take a year to teach that?
  14. Been going on for years (at least 05/06). If they are on a one year course 'preparing' for Public service then they are not 'unemployed'.

    It's becoming vogue now to h ave ties to ACF, etc. and operate as 'closed' detachments if they are. ie you can only join the det if you are onthe course (usually in parrallel with a 'open' det).

    Sometimes not.

    The college running the course usually tries to find anyone with a military/public service bent to teach on the course.

    This QDP is the first time I've seen this sort of course run by what appears to be a non-accademic organisation though.