QDJM - who gives a rats arse????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Basically I couldnt give a fuck about it!!!

    To me its more money I have to shell out to mount the fucker and my minature. If you qualify like me, all I will say is you poor bastard, more money down the lav.

    If you dont, tough shite get sometime under yer belt and stop whinging and putting your vetrans campaigns on facebook. What a load of bolllocks.

    Here endeth the lesson.
  2. Jeez. bitterandtwisted by name, bitter and twisted by nature. Chill out sweatheart!
  3. Still haven't got mine, even though they arrived in the Unit a while back.

    I'm the same, couldn't give a toss.
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  4. I wholeheartedly agree. Sell it to one of the crying cold war warriors, they're bidding £100+ for them on Ebay. That tidy sum will pay for a copy and mounting with money left over for some ale and snouts.

    Win - win and everyone's happy.
  5. Safe and secure? I'm from fucking Carlisle.

    Anyway, want to buy my QDGM?
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  6. Got, I don't have Congo though, I'll go for that.
  7. Funny how we both have the same opinion.. Oh wait my opinion refers to this FUCKING BONE THREAD YOU STARTED YOU BORING CHOPPER!
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  8. 3123.. we are not seeing the truth here. He clearly "does give a fuck".. he made a bloody thread about it!
  9. Mate of mine had the UN medal for a cyprus tour, he considered it a sunshine holiday so never had it mounted or wore it. B&T, just do the same if you really dont care, I suspect that you do though if you're getting a minature.
  10. Attention seeking missiles fired...
  11. I don't give a fuck that he doesn't give a fuck. And I suppose that he doesn't give a fuck about me not giving a fuck about him not giving a fuck. and .....
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  12. How do you qualify for a QDJM? ( Not that I care though).
  13. Apparently you have to want it and have been a cold war hero.
  14. I have heard it referred to as The Heartbeat Medal. If you're warm and breathing, you qualify.

    Not unlike our National Defence Service Medal. Damned thing has been handed out during basic training to God alone knows how many. I've referred to it as The Fire Watch Medal because everyone, at one time or another, has pulled fire watch or barracks guard.

    Now. Having said all that, how about Burma Stars for the poor fucks used as slave labour by the Japs? They were told they didn't qualify because "you weren't fighting; you were prisoners." The scrote who was responsible for that ruling ought to have been made to lay several miles of railway track, on his own, using hand tools, sleeping rough and on starvation rations.

    Not that I have a firmly held opinion, etc.
  15. I never did understand why you yankee doodles get medals for passing basic.....I just supposed it had something to do with cartoons.