QDJM and medal mounting

As this medal is about to be issued to many, we will all be sending them off to get re-mounted again. At some expense if you have minitures aswell. I was reading ABN 10/12 on medal ribbons and in the small print at the bottom it says the following;

'2 Other Ranks may have their ribbons as well as their full size medals altered at public expense while officers, other than those currently
engaged on public duties, are required to pay for any alterations to both.'

Now Ive always paid to get my full size medals mounted but reading this it appears they can be sent off somewhere, though Ive never heard of this policy so'

A, does anyone know more about this and,
B, where are they sent off to?
At Public expense is done swing mounted only unless you are HD or on Public Duties and if your unit still has a contract tailor thats where they get done. although when i I first had more than 1 medal to mount put I put them into the clothing store to be mounted a couple of weeks later i got them back court mounted with a bill for the cost so i think you must have to say you want them swing mounted
Roger though who has them swing mounted? what would thr badge say to that
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