QDGs on Telic 8 yippppeeee !!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by paveway_3, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Once again QDG are on OPTAG training for another Telic tour .Seems we are on first name terms with the OPTAG team
    as it was only 15 months ago since we were last there . The boss and the Sqn Ldrs are on there Recces at the moment
    we have been told at lot has changed since Telic 8 with the PIR threat etc etc . Lets hope we maintain our ''no casualties''
    record and be home for christmas with a good tan .
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yep, Recce Party here now - and enjoying the sub-zero nights - it'll be warm enough by the time you get here in force, though :)
  3. Well i start on the pre-tour sunbed plan in 3 weeks , its hard work being a ginger in Iraq .
  4. Factor Duffel coat suntan cream and not a set of wellies in site!!!!!!
  5. Never had any problems myself.
  6. Stag on!! im glad i smell of wee and dont have to go to that shit-hole ever again and put up with those fecking annoying rag-head thieving gyppo twats who are not even worth the cost of a 556 round. Please promise me that when one of them starts with the verbals you will perform the time honoured, tried and tested action of smashing the cnut over the head with 3 and a half feet of fine Welsh Hickory..... God how i enjoyed that...... in fact any chance of me coming, ive got me bus pass could be with you in a Jiff!
  7. is telic any good then
  8. I suppose I should welcome you to our battle group then?

    How does it feel to be led by a real regiment?

  9. what the hell do you know about telic
  10. As much as I need to. Why, are you going to tell me now that unless I'm a tent bound shiney arse in Basra I can't know a single thing about what goes on there?
  11. See you out there mate we must be desperate if we are calling on you lot again your admin was shocking up in camp smitty
  12. Nah, you won't see me mate, I've been out for years. Don't be fooled by our admin - it just looks sloppy. Underneath they are efficient, cheerful and erudite - as all Irishmen are LOL
  14. No mate, what I'm saying is that careless talk costs lives and I'm not about to start posting stuff here which could be read by people who shouldn't know it.

    Have you got that Mr 2 posts?

    What are you anyway, a Walt or a journo?
  15. Looking at the typing mate, just a tithead who will move onto a gaming forum (probably battlefield 2 or counter strike) and act as if he was there from what you say :roll:

    ..until he joins a clan and they hear his voice :lol: