QDG's Good reg?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by ADking, Oct 23, 2011.

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  1. As in title, are the QDG's a 'good' regiment?
    Professional, respectable, good rep , well structured , what are the officers like etc..
  2. No they are crap mate.
  3. Join them and tell us in 5 yrs time.
  4. Agreed.
  5. A mate of mine is QDG, all I ever heard from him is how shit they were when he was there and how much they are/were getting fucked around recently.
  6. what recce regiment would you say was best then? Ive just come from hohne where 9/12 are based as dad served 24 years but heard they are a pile of ****.
  7. QDG are good, I've worked with them once in the last couple of years and was quite impressed. As with all regiments, there are good and less good individuals but overall the good outnumbered the bad by a long way.

    I would suggest you probably ought to be at least a little bit Welsh if you are joining as a soldier.
  8. I was born in bristol so I guess thats probably the closest to welsh and englishman could be.
    However I like the look of the light dragoons, can only find comments of praise for the regiment
  9. In reality they are all the same. we all have our 'in house' regimental rivalry but thats how it goes. they all do pretty much the same job in pretty much the same places. some just do it more often than others thats all. it wont make much difference which one you join, its what you make of it and not necessarily what they make of you.
  10. In theorey yeah all soldiers are trained by the same poeple to the same standars etc...
    However Ive seen my dad move around to different regiments and he has recently signed off after 24 years service because of the officers in his last regiment,
    dont know what the exact details are, but i do know they were not very good at looking after the 'lads', and didnt have much bother for there job roles.
    Ive seen first hand that some regiments carrying out the same job role and trained in the exact same place are better than others...
  11. If you were born in Bristle young fellow me lad, then you certainly would not consider yourself Welsh in anyway. Forest of Dean with six fingers & married to your sister then I could understand the confusion ;-)


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  12. They probably won't be around for much longer as they (hopefully) will be amalgamating with ScotsDG (FijiDG)! ;-)
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  13. Scots DG are in fally right? So they will be a recce and MBT regiment?
    That will be really good for both regiments no doubt!
  14. Your dad signed off after 24 years and he was with 9th/12th you say?
  15. All the times I have come across QDG they have been decent lads, never worked withing their CoC but the regiment has a good rep. As for amalgamating with SCOTS DG, don't hold your breath. I have heard this rumour over and over again the last few years