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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Arthur3bums, Feb 26, 2009.

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  2. Righty ho......Steady The Bays.
    This is the finished design for the QDG T Shirt. On the back I have highlighted what I 'BELIEVE' are some of The Regiment's key dates. I have ordered them as if QDG have been on a Rock N Roll Tour. This can be changed to suit but, I need your feedback guys.....please albeit I know you're on Herrick at the mo. I have chosen White on Navy to reflect your TRF but, again, it can be changed. Anyway, see what you think.


    For info........the artwork is copyrighted to me.
  3. Malcy that is very clever
  4. Thanks Squire, only pity is I'm not getting any other feedback, particularly from ex or serving (not on ops) QDG so I don't know if demand says I'll ever produce this one!!
  5. Hi Malcy,
    I like the front,not sure about the back but it should appeal to the youngsters!

    ps,try putting it on the E-bay site,the older ones are always trawling for KDG,Bays and QDG artifacts!
  6. midnight mate, Hi stranger, been off means awhile?
    Thanks for the feedback, it is only a concept at the mo, but ready to print on shirts so, to take the text off the back or perhaps just have "Steady the Bays!" across the shoulders may be better??
    As I said earlier, just a bit disappointed I've not had more feedback on it (given Ops commitments) have you still ties with serving members who currently do have access to Arrrse? Also followed up your leads mate but, to date....no response.
    We'll see!! Cheers.
  7. Arthur,

    Nice one. mark me up for one mate!
  8. RCP mate, no probs..........................plug it to your pals and let's get some more feedback going!! I've sent the image to the museum curator in cardiff................................could do with a PRI QDG contact???
    Cheers again
  9. Arthur,
    Curator and PRI rep work in same office so shouldn't be a problem. I will be ordering through your website next pay day mate.

  10. Malcy,
    try curator@qdg.org.uk though Jack´s a bit busy at the mo trying to get the museum open,your designs and contact details are on the QDG Facebook so hopefully you´ll get some more orders,

  11. Just to let you all know, my website has been updated and people can now purchase shirts etc through my site as EBay has been doing well but, costs me an arm and leg!!!! The QDG shirt is now available to order through the site too!!
  12. I had an EMail today off a serving member requesting the shirt to be green. Anybody else think that to be a good idea???
  13. You missed one;

    1919 Last Cavalry Charge in 3rd Afghan War (To Be Repeated)

    Dragoons , See !
    (Works best in a Valley accent)
  14. I edited this for being a mong.... :lol:
  15. To be fair, I missed an absolute crap load but, there's only so much you can fit on the back of the shirt.....................see.....Dai!!LOL 8O :D