QDG Officers Jumper

Hi i'm a young subbie with B SQN , RMLY and am trying to find out where i can purchase a QDG barrack dress jumper so that i can look overly smart around the troops on a training night. Can anyone help?


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Don't you chaps have your own? Or could you not raise the question? I know ours, also yeomanry, have our own...

If not, was recently on their camp and they have a nice PRI sells everything you could ever want. Your unit clerk could probably get you the number, they're open... 1200-1230 then 1400-1700 I believe, and I'm sure if you asked nicely and payed for P&P you'd probably be able to get them to send you one.

Other than that, there's at least one chap on here who may be able to help you out.
Ah ha Antphilip that would be me !!! Yes the pri sells that sort of stuff i will find out on monday how much they cost . Its the same one that SNCO'S wear , i am not with them at the moment but its only a phone call away .

The item you require should be available through the Regt PRI (I know as that is where I got mine from). A quick call to the necessary (check the latest edition of the Staff and Social List) should put you the the right direction. Seeing as where you are a walk across the car park to Puzzle Palace would be just as good.

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