QDG are on their way !

Discussion in 'RAC' started by paveway_3, Apr 10, 2006.

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  1. The MFO has gone , lads are wearing Desert boots around camp(REME for some reason are in
    complete Desert DPM) .The clock is ticking , will the RAF get out of there plush duck down duvets
    to Fly the ''TAFFIA'' over . Its ok Iraq the QDG are coming (again) . Safe tour boys !!!!
  2. Maybe that's because they've still got it from their last 4 Telics :D
  3. Now now, it's ok - you'll have us big boys to look after you this time.

    I hope you Welsh know how to buy drinks for Irishmen?

  4. GDAV drinks for the Irish is easy . But what do Brummies drink ? I am sure if the
    QRH need any help or advice on anything the QDG will do anything to help .
  5. Brummies buy Paddies drink as well because they want us to look after them Butty bach.

    If your Tonka toys take in too much sand I'm sure we'll give you a tow home ;)
  6. Assuming you can find them :)
  7. It doesn't matter who's going as long as they all come back in one piece!
  8. If you are after a bite you have no chance , however to put you straight on a few points
    QDG had a stint on tanks from about 92 until 98 ,however the powers that be decided that
    it was a waste having such talented soldiers cruising around in tanks playing ''follow my troop
    leader'' so we were re-roled back to historic role of FR .Of course the QDG are now the most
    operationally expirenced regiment in the RAC if not the army .So if you need any tips on warfighting
    drop us a line back in Iraq .
  9. First wagon into BASRA palace ?Scimitar 2ND Troop C SQN QDG . You lot didnt take
    Basra . I believe it was 3 CDO BDE and 7 ARMD BDE (we had a sqn in both ).
    As for Cyprus QDG hasnt been there since 83 when it was supporting a QDG SQN
    in Lebanon . Come on ''fat tankie'' bring it on !!!!!
  10. 2-0 feck off who do you think you are . I know where 2 RTR are based next door to SCOTSDG . The fact is 2 RTR
    didnt take Basra . A CVRT cannot hold ground however we are a damn sight more flexible ,more switched on and have
    the ability to control more firepower than than a poxy Tank regiment . Done tanks , boring ! recce is where its at .
  11. OOhhh - a bite! I love it.

    *sits back to watch the handbags swinging*
  12. LOL.... Now as an old fart and having 'done' both MBT (twice) and Recce (Thrice), i feel i can judge on this matter...... Tanks are great if you are a Sqn Ldr or to a lesser extent a Tp Ldr. The rest as Paveway so ably explains is just 'follow my leader'. Tanks provide you with a BEAST of a vehicle and an opportunity to get great pictures posing in the turret (especially when you reach the lofty heights of Crew Comd) or on the glacis plate with your crew, which no doubt will sit on my Great Grandchildrens mantlepiece and be a talking point in the future..... "You mean your Great grampa actually went to war in one of those? didnt they have the plastic hover electric ray gun pulveriser in those days?"...... Tanks also provide time for the Regiment to be together and concentrate on the good things in life like eating and drinking and making merry (hence the term Fat Tankie). This is because they are VERY limited in their ability to bring something to a 'party' except if that party is WAR! Then they can contribute (and by this i mean Wars of national survival a' la WW2). Anyone saying that the last few 'partys' have been truly war fighting scenarios is smoking some good Columbian weed. The Rag Heads on the receiveing end of some DU Fin havent offered a challenge like the Waffen SS now have they? And even that 'brilliant' action by the Scots DG in destroying 16 Iraqi Tks was total bollox as they were already hulks that some A10s had destroyed 2 days before (care of C Sqn QDG FAC). No the reality is this.... Tanks are big, unwieldly and logistically a nightmare. They offer shock action only in a total war scenario, cant hold ground, Infantry do that and perhaps only scare a few rag heads for a while till they figure out how to use an off route mine!... they also smell badly and are full of fat people! If however we do go to War with Iran i can see a use for them there as we will certainly need to have something to withstand the human wave infantry charges of the Iranians..... hope you have enough ammo and toilet paper boys, cos it will be like Korea all over again!
    Now on to Recce.... Not such a sexy vehicle thats for sure.... wouldnt really want to go to a REAL War in an aluminium tin box but hey, who are we fighting these days? (Iran excepted). Recce soldiering in peacetime and on limited Ops is an absolute gas. Loads of initiative and down to L/Cpl level, although some of the stunts ive seen pulled in training would earn a VC in reality, (wonder if they would be so able and brave aginst a really determined enemy?) the fitness level and the initiative of the Recce soldier is far in excess of the Tankie and they get to go on almost all Ops and deployments. QDG have been involved in just about everything excpet the Falklands and Sierra Leone!
    So there you have it (its almost lunch and i could and often do, ramble for hours).... Tanks or Recce?
    Recce every time matey.....
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Aha, welcome, welcome, QDG - the delights of Camp Smitty await you (again)...........

    Muah ha haaa........................
  14. Mines still bigger than yours ;)
  15. Mmm? You really are a pork sausage are'nt you Fatty..... Tank Regiments Recce Tps do Close Recce.... Nothing like Formation Recce at all.... You cannot call yourself a Recce soldier if thats all you do is pick up on what FM Recce spots for you, mark LDs and guide people to FUPs now can you?.... tell you what! Why not eat another pie and burn some oil while having another cup of tea while the Sqn Ldr tries to figure out which way the enemy FM Recce went past you......