QDG are on their way to disbandment !

Discussion in 'RAC' started by paveway_3, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Edited due to ''Fat tankie'' getting his post deleted ,and their is no way on
    earth DRAC would ever think about dis-banding his most professional ,
    experienced,good looking and modest regiment . :p
  2. ha ha best of luck anyway mate.
  3. QDG, disbanding?

    You're joking, surely?

  4. Yes, dont worry mate, he's having a little fat tankie joke.... indulge him! Its Tanks whos days are numbered not Recce and especially QDG with a rock-solid teritorial identity.
  5. 2nd tanks was having a go ! He has a dodgy German WW2 avatar so he has been binned .
  6. When they get the cuffs off he will be back dont worry!

    I do have to agree though how can recce's days be numbered ..........your still using a tank designed in the 1950's im sure you can hold on for another couple of years!

    Sabot traverse er ............. oh shit they saw us .......run away!

    I have heard that they have a new up armour pack for you guys though...........green army paint....... 2 layers!
  7. yeap still here.

    Yeah had to change pic but this ones a lot better.
  8. Oh yeah its fcuking class mate, lets see how long you can stay on without getting any of your posts binned .
  9. we will see!!!

    Boil in the bag, let me guess thats what you have for tea and you bleed DPM!!!!
  10. Challenger was built for the Shah of Iran, who was kicked out in 1979. Assume a 15 year design cycle...

    So what's it like using an upgraded 1960's tank ?
  11. yeah challenger 1 was but if you know anything about challenger 2 then you know that it is a new tank
    with, i think it is 138 mods to the hull alone!
    and anyway the shah 1 was a chally hull with cheiftain spring packs and a cheiftain turret!!
  12. oh no you picked a fight with a nerdy AFV Rec instructor.................Box!

    He is right though there are that many changes and improvments it shouldnt even been called a chally!

    And theres alot more in the pipeline for it too, We have got it for a good few years yet bud uless they are planing on upgrading em then selling them on to the shah of jersey or someone!
  13. Chally 1 was a pure Chieftain with Chobham armour added and a new engine and gearbox (amongst other mods). CR2, as you rightly point out, is a new design, using the best features of the Chieftain.
  14. You're right but the point is that military kit is old.

    The crabs new Eurofighter is about to enter service...
    ...and it is about twenty years old.
    How old is the M16 rifle (1960's) ? The Browning pistol (1900), the .50 MG (1918), ?
    SA80 is a relic of the 50s.

    CVRT may have first appeared on the drawing board in the 50s but it has been upgraded and has anyone got a better idea ? So don't try and score cheap points just on innacurately quoting date of first design.
  15. SA 80 ain't a relic of the 50's. It was first designed and built in 1942 by FN. The weapon that's in service now doesn't really have any similarities with the original bullpup however - except for the general concept. SA 80 was designed from scratch in the 1980's.