Discussion in 'Medals' started by atmycommand, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. atmycommand

    atmycommand Old-Salt

    a mate has recently returned after leaving the army. Just as he was discharging it was announced in our regimental mag that he had been awarded the QCVS. Now that he has returned he wanted to get a hold of his leaves however when we searched for him in the gazette there was no return

    anyone any suggestions to sort this? can he check via JPA or should he be seeking help?
  2. Kybosh

    Kybosh War Hero

    Any operational or state awards are entered in the medals and honours link on your personal JPA homepage. Failing that if it was for operational reasons it will be on the honours list that gets released twice a year and you can google that on line.
  3. atmycommand

    atmycommand Old-Salt

    its not on the honours and awards list, there are a couple names in the regimental magazine that are not in the gazette or the list!

    i really hope its not a **** up!
  4. Kybosh

    Kybosh War Hero

    I would be a bit suspicious, unless it was a Brigade Comd Commendation then it won't be mentioned on the list.

    The leaf normally gets sent to the regt and will be in with the SSA or RSM, maybe it's in a safe somewhere still. Just going on personal experience
  5. atmycommand

    atmycommand Old-Salt

    sadly there was another list for commendations. its begining to look like a monumental fook up!

    i may warn him that its not looking good
  6. combatintman

    combatintman War Hero

    Yeah - easy to find in the London Gazette - go the their webpage and type in the service number of your mucker in the search box - should come up in seconds.
  7. Zarathustra

    Zarathustra Guest

    Is it not normal for the first people to hear that they'd received an award to be the person being told by their CoC? Our blokes were told 1 by 1 by the CO the day before the Honours and Awards list was published
  8. combatintman

    combatintman War Hero

    Yeah that should be the drill.