Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Selfpreservationsociety, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Could someone give me a crib for QBOs, as in what should realistically be in it.
  2. here you go..."right lads, go and fight a battle and do it quickly!"
  3. fcuking computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. " go there, kill that" easy peasy.
  6. "Follow Me!" or "Charge!" seem to do the trick...
  7. you weren't , per chance, ever in the LIR were you ?
  8. or as most recruits do is go into neutral not listen to a word they're told and then the whole attack goes to pot and you look like a bunch of REMF STAB chicks trying to do an attack!!!

  9. nope 8O
  10. ahh, just that a mate of mine used to say "FAB baby", later became a coy commander in NI, left now, or leaving soon, still has a big gun though because of his other job
  11. I find the best line to use is "Keep moving boys, its not for us"
  12. Ahh Pause_23,

    Wonder if you still say that when effective enemy fire is incoming and there is nowhere else to go other than forward(ish) or sitting there waiting for extraction.

    I'll now get my Flak Jacket and F off!

  13. aahhhaaaaa, you mean Mr Tony, I work in the same "other " job as the afore mentioned chap, jolly nice guy, well for an orrificer :D

  14. LMAO, well said mate..............................................................get your flakker and fcuk off :D
  15. Jimma,

    Just wondering what your solution to EEF incoming around your arse, maybe we can compare notes. Infact lets not because we will start a whole new thread on war stories, my apoligies.