Qatada's leaving tonight !


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He is due to board a military plane in the UK, which will take him back to his home country, in the early hours.
His deportation was approved after the UK and Jordan signed a treaty agreeing that evidence obtained through torture would not be used against him.
The legal battle to deport Abu Qatada has lasted almost 10 years and has cost the UK more than £1.7m ($2.5m).
The 53-year-old cleric is expected to be driven out of London's Belmarsh Prison on Saturday evening and taken to a waiting plane at RAF Northolt, in west London.

About time? Lets see what Jordan has for him.
The miserable twonk owes me a tenner AND didn't invite me to his leaving do.


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After having 12 pints of Guinness and a lamb vindaloo last night,

I'll be releasing an Abu Qatada of my own today.
I hear it is a private flight taking him good !!!!! if it was left to crab air his flight would be delayed till Monday
Finally slung his hook.

Given the 'Umin Rights' issues involved,and how much emphasis is placed on maintaining a family life,when are the rest of his 'tribe',getting on a 'big silver bird',and following him back to Jordan? :-\\\\


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Lets see what Jordan has for him.
A pair of tits akin to a pair of Zeppelins in a dead heat and a clunge the width of the Eurotunnel, with a possiblity that less people have been through Eurotunnel!


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Gone.... Effin great...


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As he is appearing in court and due to stand trial in Jordan should we be discussing him? Just don't want any grey areas you see.

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