Qatada released. It really has all gone wrong..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Wija, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. Release of some raghead fanatic

    British law can surely kiss its arse goodbye. Laughable that this man is now allowed to be in public.

    Bin Laden's man in Europe is now a free man. This cannot be right. And frankly is a blight on the men and women who are trying to free the people this idiot is trying to poison and turn against us.
  2. Problem solved! 8O
  3. :?
  4. What's the point sod it, I'm not going into work tomorrow, have poured my extensive wine collection down the loo, am sat here with a rag on my head and tomorrow will head into town and attack any female in revealing western dress and fire bomb all pubs, bookies, Christian Churches and any other Western buildings.
  5. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Unfortunately we sort of had to let him go..

    I don't know the details of the case, but if there was no justifiable reason to hold him, he's out the door sharpish..

    Public opinion makes no difference.

    Its like the terrorists who were released from Belmarsh a while back, ive no doubt that it would have been sensible to keep them imprisoned, but thanks to the ECHR among other things, they had to be let go..

    It still doesn't make the decision the seemingly correct one, however
  6. I know what your saying, but surely a speeding ticket unpaid from 1998 for a Mr A Q Tada can surely be found. Its just that I can't get how they can fine someone who is disabled, and has no real idea what recycling is (he is 90 odd) and yet someone who clearly wants to kill all non muslims in the UK (and incite others to do so) can go about there business.
  7. Jacqui Smith being dishonest here. How on earth does she expect any sane person to believe that Jordan will not torture him or use evidence obtained from torture?

    That's right - you have a memorandum of understanding with Jordan. That's alright then and any judge who opposes extradition must therefore be crazy.

    Stupid bint. This is a cheap trick to get the government some brownie points with the esteemed readers of the Daily Mail.
  8. TRSL

    About right there TRSL. And if there was no justifiable reason to hold him it proves that him being Osama's right hand man was nothing but rumour.
    The tagging crap is because nobody actually wants to admit that.

    I should bloody well hope not to. The need to detain a person in custody or not should always be a matter for the law and never be one decided by public opinion.

    As one of the Founding Fathers said about America this should just as well be said about Britain.

    "America will be a land ruled by Law, and not a Land ruled by men."
  9. Btw, quick googling suggests that he has not been charged with any crime, save that of immigration. He arrived on a forged passport and was granted asylum in the mid-90s (tories then).

    So Jacqui Smith wants to deport him to Jordan to be tortured because she thinks he is dangerous, except she says he won't be tortured because the UK has an understanding with Jordan.

    I wonder how long it took the court to decide to stop the deportation...
  10. I find it slightly worrying that on one thread we are waxing lyrical about the loss of civil liberties under this governments latest laws, and yet on this one some are advocating that we negate the civil rights of others.

    Civil rights for everyone? So long as 'everyone is anglo saxon and not muslim, apparently
  11. Or someone who is Bin Ladens rep, has known terrorist links and is anti-western to the core and a wanted man in his home country of Jordan :roll:

    you really are a tit
  12. There is proof of Him having terrorist links, or that He is Mr Ladens rep?

    The fact that there is no proof - You know, that which British courts generally rely on when sending people down - of the above was central to Him being released.
  13. Maybe if he promises to behave himself he will do so.

    Unlike Abdullah Salim Ali al-Ajmi. He was a Kuwaiti held at Gitmo and was released on request of the Kuwaiti government with many assurances that he would be monitored, etc. In April Mr. Ali al-Ajmi blew himself up in Mosul, Iraq, taking 9 innocent Iraqi lives.
  14. I'm going to put my neck on the line here.

    Just seen the depth of his bail restrictions, they are insane.

    Either this bloke is charged and kept in prison for the required time or he is released to crack on, adding lunatic bail conditions are wanting your cake and eating it. Just making up the rules as you go along

    The legal system is fecked, a serpent eating its own tail, this comes from political meddling/direction coming from these weasels in power

    PC madness which awards for hurt feelings, the inability to jail criminals due to lack of space, the slow erosion of common sense in the police force tying coppers down to paper work and statistic chasing. The laxness of immigration rules and terrible management of our borders, the disintegration of the NHS, cracks papered over with b0ll0cks stats pronouncing "improvement in waiting times" Not to mention cameras, cards, collation of personal information

    Blah blah blah could go on and on.

    I'm generally not a daily mail reader or an outrage peddler. These arrseholes in power have finally painted themselves into a corner. The audit is coming and they won't be able to legislate themselves out of it
  15. Ah just wait till makes a 'CLAIM' against HM Gov for whatever.