QARANCs evolving? Cankles.

Has anyone else noticed the evolution of the huge-bottomed QA?

Although there are still many examples of 'gluteus maximus eclipsus', there now seems to be more of a trend towards 'cankalis extremis'.

Is this phenomenon merely a redistribution of weight, or something more sinister? I think we should be told.

What does a QA put behind her ears to make her more attractive to men? Her ankles.

Edited to add picture of gopping cankles with really bad tattoo to boot.
the higher up the chain you get, the more eclipsius the gluteus maximus gets!
less speed................more comfort. I don't have a problem with that :D
sh1te understanding of latin and a PC slow to load the above picture..... 8O
might have to retract statement........ :(

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