Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by sambo, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. hello there,
    Got a sister who's at collage at the minute and is looking at becoming a nurse or something along this kind of work. she has been told about the QARANC and was interested in what she heard. Now with me currently serving she assumed that I would know the inns and outs of this trade. I knew the about 3 years at uni and then getting your full screw but that is about it, can anyone in that stream give me any more info?? and yes had a look at the army website but just curious to hear from the real thing.

    Thanks in advance sam
  2. You're quite right, she will have to do a nursing course which lasts just over 3 yrs. She can either do this in civi street or join up and train in the Army. To do this course she would need a minimum of 5 GCSE's with a couple of A levels (the more qualifications the easier she will find it to get onto a course). At least one of the GSCE's has to be in maths and another in a science (preferably Biology or Chemistry). {If she hasn't got the necessary qualifications to become a nurse, she could always do the alternate route, which is join as a Health Care Assistant. Once she's completed her class 1, and gained the necessary qualifications she can transfer to do her nursing course.}

    The advantage of training in the Army is that she will get a decent wage and not have to take out any Student Loans to survive. The downside to this is that she will have to serve for 3 yrs as a qualified nurse before being allowed to sign off. This means 6 yrs in total minimum in the Army.

    However, other positives are better pay than civilian counterparts. She will have to go on operational tours (she would have to decide for herself if this was a good or a bad thing). Also getting on professional development courses is easier in the military than in the NHS, as long as you can prove that it would benefit the Army.

    After basic training she would have the acting rank of Cpl, subject the her completing her JMQC. She could also apply to commission, or if it is her preference to stay in the ranks and work her way up as normal.

    She should read the QARANC website for herself, or visit an Army Careers centre for more information. :D

    Hope this is helpful.
  3. I thought it was 4 years payback as of August 2008, which would bring a soldiers minimum service to 7years in total. You can sign off in your 3rd yr post qualification and then do your years notice.

    Train through the military - you have the added bonus of getting a boot in the butt if you need motivating at UNI!

    The pay while a military student is approx 3 times higher then the NHS Bursary!
  4. Student loans versus Army training for the QARANC, sounds like no

    contest to me.

    I think that you have to be fairly good looking though to join QARANC.

    They were all beauties in my time. I still lust after one who worked at

    BMH Iserlohn in the 1950s. I was in there as the result of a truck crash.

    Best time of my life.

    There is a QARANC lady on here, she could give you their website.

    Good luck.
  5. Damn me - all that to get two stripes. I married one of their Lieutenants in 57 and she was nowhere near as qualified (how she ended up with a ruffian sybill sgt and still there 50+ years later. God bless her!)
  6. My bold and underlined that was the story started at the same time the bus load of QA's got on the bus to go to your unit disco in Germany
  7. Conrad, I have heard this story about the disco and the busload of nurses

    rumoured still to be travelling the autobahns of BAOR.

    Let me assure you old son, friday and saturday nights were not spent in

    idle frivolities at the disco. No sir, there was generally a standing

    engagement to indulge in fisticuffs with members of that fine old mob,

    the Norfolk Regiment plus a few members of the local LAD and anybody

    else that happened along.
  8. Good to see the honourable traditions of the military in print, last heard the bus of QA's were in Detmold!
  9. Speak to your local AFCO, if you want to train with the Military, you'll do the course at Birmingham City University. Sorry, but you don't get a choice about this, which is why alot of people do the course in civvie street than join the army after.
  10. I don't believe it, a 9 comment thread on QAs and no ones mentioned Ginsters. Where's Du Lai when you need him.
  11. You'll probably find there are a few and not just ladies!

  12. Sort of seeemed unfair to keep going on about it, however I did find the real reason that they have changed from those lovely grey ward dresses to the non-descript civvy looking ones.
    Run out of barage ballons to sew together for them
  13. Pardon, my bad. But I've been stuck in the stix for awhile - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! :wink:
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    He's retired to Bali, selling bootleg CD's to Australian tourists.
  15. Do I read this correctly? There are now blokes in there?

    And another poster suggested that some of them are fat?

    I cannot believe it. They were like ethereal grey ghosts.

    Imagine slim beautiful women lightly wearing grey and white topped

    dresses with a crimson cloak and trailing an aura of heavenly incensce.

    Cool fingers on the brow and warm encouraging words.

    Wouldn't you fall in love.

    And now you tell me that they are old fat blokes?

    You can have your modern Army!!!