QARANC Selection

Ive heard this is in march?
Ive passed selection and am wanting to be extremely prepared for this selection has there are limited place. looked up alsorts on the internet, like on the MODHU'S and things, has anyone been through this selection who can tell me what other things to prepare for, im wanting to be a mental health nurse, so will they ask me about that? or do i understand it has going in has a student nurse first. Dont know anything about health care :/ must all be on the net somewhere though! keep searching!
Information on Army mental health teams is pretty hard to come by on the net so when I did the board we weren't expected to know much specific about them. Instead I made sure i knew about mental health nursing in general and community mental health nusing in particular. I made sure I knew about the course I would be doing at BCU in birmingham (very easy to research). I made sure I knew what my first job was likely to be on qualifying and the type of work I would be doing at a Depatment of community mental health (DCMH). I also made sure I was aware of the realities of practicing nursing as a soldier and how this would be different to my civillian countreparts.

Hope this helps.
thankyou :)
going to put lots of notes about things in my note book to remeber, so a multi disaplinary team in a mental health unit will be mental health nurses and ocupational therapists and psychiatrists and things. right, think i have a rough idea. I know there'l be a health care exam, so il just have to keep reading and learning and hope ive learnt right. I def know all about my course in birmingham so should have no trouble there. And im aware the difference is that were deployable personel not stationary in where were based.

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