Discussion in 'Officers' started by Sarah22, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. I'm thinking of applying to join the regulars as a nursing officer, whilst being student nurse. Recently i've spoken to the recruiting officer at Camberely, who said i'd go to Sandhurst on completion of my degree, then have 2 years as a 2nd Lt 'to learn the ropes' then after 2 years post registration experience, i'd be promoted to Lt.

    Now in order to get this postion, i must have passed QARANC RCB. Bearing in mind most potential nursing officers will have at least two post reg experience, as a nursing student, would i be at a disadvantage.

    Does anyone know if the selection process is similar to main RCB, or is it focused heavily on nursing issues, of which being student, i'll have little knowledge?

    Thanks :)
  2. This is very much a G1 matter and the Adjt is the man to help. Just pop round to my office next week in your nurses uniform and I will be able to fill you..........................full of good advice.
  3. Haven't a clue, but I urge you to apply for the post of "other half to Cynical-Subbie" at the Wanted - Girlfriend post in Lonely Hearts.

    My RCB is exacting but enjoyable...
  4. Are you a bloke just messing with us?? If you are, then you will be perfect for Cynical-Subbie??

    If not, then I will be more than willing to train you in the RCB process.... :wink:

    Do QARANC still have those barking uniforms with the massive hat?? :?:
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  6. I am truely shocked from what i am hearing from Bristish army officers! :eek:
    I would i have thought i'd be able to ask a question and get a respectable answer, i'm deeply offended at your blatent sexist attitude towards me! Just because i'm a 21 year old, 5'3" slim brunette, who wants to train as a nurse, and perhaps even reach a position of authority at some point. Is that is some way intimidating so you feel the need for slanderous immature comments!
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  10. If she aspires to a position of authority might mean she likes to be on top.
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