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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by whitemouse75, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. how would you go about finding out the available postings for soldiers when they reach the end of phase 2 training? as a transfer, i would appreciate a heads-up for when my training ends so i could plan ahead a little for me and my family. i'm a 2nd year student nurse at brum, and getting any info from the top floor is like trying to get money from the pay office, ain't happening!
  2. I can only think your possibility about getting a heads up on postings would be to ask for an interview, enquire then and put some preferences forward.

    Other than that, get a Nursing Officer to enquire for you to the admin office. They are probably treating you as the lowest of the low and ignoring you :roll:
  3. You'll get an MDHU. No if's, no buts. You will require time to learn how to be a staff nurse before anything else can be attempted. Don't be put off by this, it is invaluable experience and I am glad of my year on wards before branching off. So it will be Gosport, Northallerton, Frimley or Birmingham (probably not).

    Best of luck with the remainder of your training.
  4. or germany as a nurse practitioner
  5. sorry practice nurse
  6. I stand corrected. How the fcuk do you manage to swing that one? I still think 6 months (at least) ward work is essential.
  7. he hasnt, he's off to Catterick!!
  8. thanks for the replies, i've got no problem with an mdhu for 2-3 years, but wondered mainly if there were any other options, mainly because there are so many of us being trained at the mo, surely there is a limit to niggy nurses on those few wards?

    also, i thought the only postings in germany were for commisions? happy days if not, woul;dnt mind another 6 years out there!! are there any other overseas postings?
  9. Dream on it's the uk and the uk and oh the uk for you my little chestnut.
  10. Overseas postings!!!! of course there is, 6 months in Iraq, 6 months in Bosnia or Kosovo and anyother shiithole old T Bliar wants us to go to :roll:
  11. cant wait until july 06 then!! sounds like a good laugh rotating between north yorks and frimley with the odd 3rd world hole thrown in to break the pattern. now what can i specialise in to get me away from that and the fat-arsed mongs that seem so prevalent in this corps????? and why is selly oak so popular that no-one can get a posting there???
  12. Theatres old boy, pyjammas and rubber slippers for working dress and very little in the way of arrse wiping. Love it. Don't get any w@nkers 'visiting' you either.
  13. you could always go to the NHS, but take a pay drop of about 5K. OR here's a strange thought, get on with life in the Army, you know that thing you swore allegiance too.

  14. yeah cheers for that, but i think after all this time i'm getting on with the army fine thanks, and if i was only going to get a 5k pay cut i'd have considered it. but as you can see, the thread is about finding out what postings are available to me on qualification, so bore off and patronise someone else
  15. Ha ha, well said nurse.