Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by am27, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Just applied to do nursing as a civvie degree but hoping to get a cadetship with the QARANC but currently serving as a CMT in a TA unit. Potentially have the opportunity to go out on OP Herrick 11 with HCAV but that means deferring until Sept 10- my question is, do QARANC nurses get to do MERT or other more punchy forward stuff or am I better off trying to do a tour now as a CMT so I can something a bit more frontline?

  2. Don't think QARANC have done MERT, though I may be wrong. However nurses have worked in the outstations in Afghanistan and supported the infantry at Company level on the ground. You are generally speaking more likely to do this as a CMT.
  3. If you watched the last Ross Kemp episode, he was treated for his D&V by a QA at the FOB.
  4. QARANC=Hospital, perhaps a FOB if you have capacity ;) do they still have RNO's??
  5. I was wondering, since most nurses have a degree are all nurses commisioned ?
  6. is that tumbleweed I can see?
  7. Depends whether you're TA or Reg. In the TA it was, until very recently, the case that all Field Hospital nurses were commissioned. However this has changed, and we now have NCO nurses. still very top heavy currently.

    if you train as a nurse within the Army you'll come out with a diploma and start as a Corporal (Acting). Even if you join with a degree from elsewhere you'll still be this rank unless you've been qualified for 2 years and can pass the Commissioning Board.

    Once you've been qualified for two years you can apply for a commission in the normal way. Hope that makes sense!

    Or have I just been the victim of a wah!?
  8. Cheers psycho
  9. Yes, QA's can be out on the MERT if they are ATLS/TNCC/flying trained.
  10. Why are the army not letting their student nurses go onto the third year and qualify as full RNs with degrees? I was pretty sure this was the case?
  11. The Diploma is still 3 years as well. I've never got my head around why there is a Diploma and a Degree, both do the same placements and Diploma students get paid as well while they study. However the more specialised Nurses (Critical Care, A&E, Theatre) I have met all seem to have degrees.
  12. I'm a Diploma nurse with a Specialist degree that i go 3 years post reg.

    Not all student nurses get the grades required to do the nursing degree straight off, so that is why the option is still there. The option for degree is only for students on the Sept courses anyway, so those on the March/April intake have to do the diploma unless they already hold a degree in something else.

  13. We now have newly qualified nurses in the regs that have joined straight away as 2LT's. They are working along side the newly qualified Cpl's, but hold the officer rank....very strange.
  14. yeah, QAs do get to work at FOBs etc! i have just got back from tour and had the time of my life in a FOB. There is no better adrenalin rush than treating casualties while in a contact, its what we train to do!! I was working as a company medic, your best getting posted to a field unit if you want action really!!
  15. Welcome back and welcome to ARRSE

    I can see an arguement here:

    A nurse deployed as a coy medic - CMTs must be chuffed, standby!