QARANC evolution

oh dear Mr S

you'll have to learn how to post pictures correctly, or are you still under the influence ??
Mr S


Wee man.

BP he's always under the influence.
You see that what happens,
Give a man an office and a computer and they think they're the next Bill Gates!

Maybe you should stick to talking Massai.

Wee man.

P.S are you?
Mr_Smudger said:
andromeda said:
Aint' the same since the editing

Spliot all our fun..... :frustrated: :headbang:

fancy another streatcher run? :plotting:
I don't remember you on the stretcher, in fact did you manage to get out your pit that morning
oh yes cheeky :yawnstretch: . but I was not the one with 3 cans of lynx in thier burgan on Ex! :spiderman:

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