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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by BigMac, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick question that no one at the unit can clear up for me.

    What exactly (or even generally) are the current rules regarding skills badges on No 2 dress?

    We have a few trade transfers at the unit who have been told to remove certain badges (such as Class 1 infantry/sniper/regimental signaler etc) from their uniform because "you're not supposed to wear them in the QAs". Yet no one can give me a reference as to what the rules actually are.

    Is it just SAA instructor, PTI, wings and AACC that can be worn or are there others?

    I understand that there are more important things in life than badges, but the question was posed to me so I thought that I'd better use the most valuable resource on 'tinterweb to find out the answer.

  2. No regs to quote but it was always my belief that trade badges are only worn when you are actually carrying out that trade. Originally they were there so that, at a glance, the CoC knew who was qualified to do what. Once you cease to practice that trade and are therefore not current and have moved to an arm where the skill acquired is not relevant then you take them down. A QA might well wear wings, SAA etc because they can practice them within their own Corps.
    Just my experience though so no official regs to back it up and could well be a mile off target!
  3. sounds like a question for a quartermaster to be answering, they are normally the oracle for all things "Q"
  4. the old JSP 336 used to set out the badges to be worn in perpetuity but this has now been superseded. They were the predicable ones like para wings, SAS wings, cdo dagger etc.

    But there was the catchall that the wearing of ANY badge was at the discretion of the CO.

    Even though the JSP's been superseded now but I guess the principle still holds. (I've only known two COs ban para wings and one of them was entitled to wings SAS (he didn't wear them)).

    edited to add:

    the lists seems to be:

    1 Air Despatch badge
    2 EITHER the Army Pilot badge OR the Aviation Aircrewman badge
    3 EITHER the Parachute badge OR the Parachute with wings badge OR the Parachute with wings SAS badge
    4 Ammunition Technician or Technical Officers badge
    5 Chief Engineer's OR Chief Ocean Watckeeper's badge
    6 The Commando badge
    7 Army Divers badge
    8 Army 100 badge
    9 TA 50 badge
    10 Special Observer badge

  5. If the transfer went through like mine did, i received a letter stating that i was to relinquish all trade qualifications from my previous job. So even though i was a class one technician, i now am not and i doubt i am able to wear any trade badges related to it.