QARANC Defence cuts

Hi Guys,

I am currently going through the application process to become an Nursing Officer. Does anyone have any ideas whether the QARANC is going to be hit by these coming cuts? the last thing I want to do is spend a lot of time preparing for AOSB and Junior Nursing Officer life only to find out in a few months that they are stopping recruitment or making serious redundancies over the next five years or so (with the newest and cheapest to go first) Any advice will be really helpful!!

Just for the record I am really committed and completely against defence cuts, especially as they are now expecting more of our forces IE: Afghanistan, Libya ect with fewer staff!!
The first Tranche of redundancies were announced to the military on Monday, no AMS capbadges were included. Second tranche may see AMS capbadges at certain ranks and length of service, I have been informed that the recruiting tap is not going to be turned off, so your aspiration to join is not dashed.

Don't believe for a second that the military employs a "last in first out" policy, quite the opposite in fact, although retired I would assume that the 12 year LCpl / 18 year Cpl and those unable to pass the basic fitness test would be the first to be looked at.

My understanding of this redundancy package is to streamline services, too many folks in a specific rank in a certain CEG, those who have served some time who have now outlived usefulness in a specific trade / rank / time served will be under the microscope. I think they seek to achieve a state of "Efficient & Effective" (more admirals than ships spring to mind)...

Go join up and have a ball, the next round of redundancies won't be for another 20 years :)

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