QARANC cadetship scheme

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by cranberryjuice, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. I am attending the nursing aquaintence visit on Jan 19th-20th and was wondering what to expect.
    Also I was told as I already sat my AOSB in 2009 as I went to Welbeck that I wouldn't have to re-sit it again this year, is this correct?
    And Im a little bit confused as too what the selection board is in comparison to the AOSB?

    Sorry many questions,
    also if someone could tell me more about the role of an army nurse that would be great I'd really like some inside knowledge, I have asked a few friends but I would like to hear more please
  2. Army nurses. White busses. Rinteln. Game on.
  3. Aquaintence visit is quite informal. Lots of presentations and information as to what to expect at AMS Main Board. I dont know about your Welbeck pass. No doubt you would have to send them an email at AMS Recruiting and ask.

    You do some interviews just to make sure your suitable for selection and the multi-stage fitness test.
  4. Okay thankyou :) im still really nervous. They said your AOSB lasts 5 years but I only did the 2 day board.
  5. you will need a pass at AMS board probably... phone the recruiters and explain your sit. and theyll tell you the most up to date info sometimes arrse comes up with too many conflicting opinions.

    personally i think im holding of on the officer role just now. Think im going to go in at soldier level simply because i want to concentrate on consolidating my skills and learning some good clincial skills and gaining a lot more nursing knowledge as a band 5 soldier than a band 7 nursing officer/manager etc...