Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by General Melchett, Jun 19, 2004.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Needed: Set of buttons for ward dresses, any badges, rank slides, that red capey thing - tippet?, that hatty thing - hat? collar dogs, berets, ceremonial items.

    Cash paid, can pay by paypal.

    PM me with details. Cheers kids.
  2. Why on earth would you want a QA uniform?
  3. dont ask, dont wait thats the septics.....FILL HIM IN!


  4. Dont matter what he wants it for..its fuckin useless unless he puts his arrse size..........or is accepted as being Large 8) :D
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Well actually Gaylords, I heard a rumour the good old MOD was going to get rid of the Grey and Red uniforms so was trying to get one together to keep for what I don't know. Perhaps you should be honoured someone would want to do such a thing.....................Unless of course none of you are QAs, in which case are you must be loitering for an enema to be administered by Matron. 8O
  6. I heard the rumour too that the good old dress was going and trousers and smocks is in!

    Shiit, there goes many a quick legover and the thought of all female QAs wearing stockings under that uniform. Its the end, you realise that-the demise of the AMS 8O
  7. It's been a rumour for the last 5 or so years that QA's were going into trousers and tunic, I belive this is all still in the pipe line as no decision can be made as to the style the new uniform will take. And if and when it happens officers will keep the scarlet and grey number for parades ie remembrance day and stuff!
  8. Will the Smocks be Grey ??
  9. we have a couple of nurses and a HCA here wearing the new and approved uniform, dark blue trousers, white blouse with:
    scarlet piping for registered splits
    grey piping for trolley dollies

    all complete with rank badges and all that stuff.
    its been talked about for years and its finally coming in. Apparently the sticking point for it not coming out earlier was the shoes!!
  10. I can do you a very very good deal Melchy, know what I mean?

    Hey, you dont spend all those years in mil hospitals trying to nail anything that moves without taking the odd souvenier :wink:
  11. I have a few ward dresses, all size 16 and above.

    Never nailed anything smaller than that I'm afraid-my standards are much lower than the Fox :roll:
  12. i have some buttons and other rank dress badges!
  13. deleted
  14. A male QA with flowing locks!!! Never and what size are you? I have a penchant for large QA arrses :wink:
  15. Does anyone know if trousers and tunics are ever going to be issued? FF what's the debate about the shoes? Thought they were the only thing the committe were happy with!