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Anyone know what the current situation is in regarding re-establishing DANS in their rightful rank of Brigadier?

I believe that there are no plans to.  

It's an interesting one. The only logic for a One star DANS is potentially parity with DAGP and DADS. But then, there are other medical specialties with no dedicated One Star (all the secondary care chaps for example).

Certainly there is no reason from a Corps point of view - after all, there is no 'One Star RAMC' Directors post. And there's no reason why a QARANC officer can't advance through the existing command and staff ranks to become a One Star without having a dedicated nurse's post. (I could imagine a QARANC Comd 2 Med Bde, D Med Pol at DMSD, etc). Ultimately, I don't think there should be any reason why a QARANC officer shouldn't become DGAMS!


Quite right, there is no 1* directors post in the RAMC.  The 'Director' of the RAMC is a 2* DGAMS.  I what that is supposed to mean all the AMS, but lets get real, cna anyone see a nurse getting a 1* appointment in the next 10 years within the AMS.  Don't think so.  The justification for DANS being a 1* is because she is the head of a Corps within the Army.  Only the SCSC and the Corps of Army Music don't have a 1* head.  They are very small corps.  QARANC are lagrer than the RAVC, RADC, Int Corps, RMP, ALS.  Arnt't these last two just a part og the AGC.  No the real reason the QARANC does not have a 1* director is:

1.  The Army had to loose senior positions in the post cold war draw down and as part of general efficiency mearures.  DGAMS/SG (doctors) had to loose the total number of 'stars' within the AMS as part of this esercise.  Nurses were an easy target, why......

2.  The Army as a whole (and I have to conceed perhaps society as a whole) does not see nursing as a equal profession with other 'medical' professions.

3.  The QARANC have traditionally been a corps of women...... good old sexism might I suggest.

Why does the QARANC have the greatest shortfall in personnel of any corps in the Army.  See notes to 1-3 above.


the creation of the Brig for QA's is off to the Army Board for ratification.

Load of crap anyway. Not unless youcan get a bloke in the position. Col G is only going to screw up years of hard work in her quest for an all rupert corps!


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The fact that there are 3 separate corps in the Army (4 if you count RAVC) that deal with med matters is probably the main reason.  Go on, amalgamate - you know it makes sense.  In fact go the whole hog and make a true 'purple' tri-service (Preferably Army-led) Med Corps, thus allowing former RAF types to do some op tours and Army to have some comfort postings for a change.

A good point.  But I fear that the current members of the DMS are nowhere near going for this.  The ‘big’ Navy and RAF beyond their medical services would object.  Although they have manning problems they are not in the same league as the Army.  Second Sea Lord and Air Member for Personnel would never sign up to an organisation in which many of the light and dark blue would leave if they were made do Army like duties.  A more limited and sensible structure would be to abolish the current 4 AMS corps and form one unified corps.  The main objection (a gut feeling not scientific) actually comes from the RAMC CMT/MSO world.  Their fear (I think) is that if we become a single corps they will loose appointments traditionally held by them, such as QM, RSM, RQMS etc.  I understand their worry, but I also think it is unfounded.
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Why would a bloke be better than a girl?  If so (I know we can't use names) give us a hint at the odd candidate for the job as top sister (brother???)
what a load of tosh. how can DANS be a brigadier appt. it is a cpls job in reality. lots of poncing around and smiling. however, the current dans would get it but her posterior is rather large as she seems to be seam testing her combats.
The current DANS is a top bird (very tasty a few years ago i might add) very friendly and she calls a spade a spade, if you're an arrse then she'll let you know she thinks so.
As for being a Brig position, well, only if they have been scrub nurses in a previous life.
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Anonymous said:
Quite right, there is no 1* directors post in the RAMC.  The 'Director' of the RAMC is a 2* DGAMS.  

May I temperatly please point readers to the 1* RAMC Directors post of British Forces Germany Health Service, the very appointment DGAMS has just left. This is a very invigerating post and one with many challenges that spans the whole spectrum of health care.

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I concur with Filbert Fox, Col G was the right choice after Col Mc. She doesn't take no shit of anyone, and even though she has that, i couldn't care less about you look on her face at least she bothers to listen in the first place unlike a lot of top brass. Make a good landlady of the Queen Vic.
As a man who has no love of QA's (apart from the one I married :twisted: ) I believe they should be given the 1* post-why?

Look at the roles that QA Orifices are now playing within the AMS! They have a hell of a lot of input and are as previosly quoted "LARGER THAN THE A FEW OTHERS" (not word perfect but I'm on your side here!) :wink:

However as the AMS is run by Doctors for Doctors, then not much hope there really!

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