QANTAS plane in emergency landing

Thats no roo! Must've been a croc!
Wow! My first thought was that almost 400 souls are the luckiest alive. I wonder where the flight deck crew will get their laundry done?
Mr_Deputy said:
kangaroos must've broken out of the hold. you've got to tie em down right.
Don't you mean "Tie me Kangaroo down sport" :?
Qantas has the best safety record of any major airline. IIRC< Except in the very early days QANTAS has never had a fatality.
The bloke I sit opposite in work came in this morning after a couples of weeks off - whilst his folks, from Melbourne, were touring in the UK.

First thing he said was "my parents are flying back today, via Hong Kong".
I said "what airline"?

He said, "Qantas, via Hong Kong".

Boy will he get a shock when he watches tonight's news.
I wonder if they'll give the passengers some sort of compensation? Maybe a free upgrade next time they fly??
box-of-frogs said:
I wonder if they'll give the passengers some sort of compensation? Maybe a free upgrade next time they fly??
I think giving them some clean underwear would be more appropriate


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I had the old plastic gimp masks fall down when I was flying from Brize to Akrotiri last November on a C-17. Thought they were just for show - along the same lines as the whistle and light on the water wings, so as to reassure the cattle as they plunge to certain doom, but the buggers actually work.
Yes they do work, and now some poor fecker is going to have to repack all the gimp masks. Oh how we would laugh when some idiot pushed the wrong button on the flight deck and the rubber jungle would appear :lol:
Not sure underwear inspections will be necessary. If you watch the cameraphone footage of pax after they had heard a "loud crack", you'll see a woman seated with her tray in front of her, trying not to spill her G&T. Now THAT'S the spirit of Australia.
Just shows how safe they are. Mind you, not a good idea to try and have a barbie in the hold..."Strewth Bruce....what do you mean, those are gas cylinders over there...."

I have it on good authority that the oxygen masks on Ryanair are coin-operated.....
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