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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Speed_Air_Man, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. Hi,
    I've applied to join the QARANC as a health care assistant and have been told that after RSC I'll have to go in front of the board for another interview.

    Anyone any advice or tales of what to expect?

    Also, what is the split between male and female QA's?

    thanks, S.A.M.
  2. Why, are you a Man lov'in Man or a Woman lovin Man :lol:
  3. What have you been told by the ACIO? QA is predomantly female, however we are getting more and more male health care assistants. If you want any more info pm me

  4. Its a selection interview to see if you are suitable to become one of the dreaded Grey Mafia 8O

    Mainly it will be about suitability to become an HCA. Don't know what they'll ask as I sure as hell ain't a QA :wink: .......but I have shagged a few though
  5. LOL - so have ......... :roll:
  6. I have not sat the HCA selection board but have been a member of the panel on the student nurse selection board (and sat one a few years ago too). They will be asking you about the job. They want you to know that you have a basic understanding of the clinical duties of an HCA and a little of what your military role would be like. It sounds simple but you would not beleive how many prospective student nurses we failed because they hadn't bothered to find out what a nurse does on a day to day basis.
    Simple as that. Know why you want to do it, what you will bring to the job and what the job entails. Communicate this in a coherent manner, be smart at interview (wear a sensible suit & tie with clean shoes and a normal haircut).

    Good luck,


    P.S. - Won't hurt to know a little corps history aswell.
  7. The ability to 'pole dance' would not go amiss too
  8. not as many as this little lounge lizard, god had to invent crutches for when they'd had a humping off me, and well you know it!!!!
  10. Who are you trying to kid, weiner man :wink:
  11. Hold a Ginsters pie in your hand, the effect is amazining QA eyes will follow it around the room, and it is always nice for the panel to have somthing familier to look at during the interview.

    The drooling will stop them asking difficult questions also. Be aware that you might have to throw it quickly if the temptation becomes too much and one of them makes a leap for it over the desk (they can move surprisingly quickly for fat lasses you know!)

    Apart from that good luck
  12. I find those last comments by you Golm to be very disrespectful of our QA colleagues
  13. That is rather derogatory,Tech. I will have you know that as a male nurse my pie snaffling is almost as quick as my female colleagues AND I have now learned how to sniff them out with the wrappers still on.
  14. Are you feeling ok, you are starting to type nonsense :lol:

    I'm sorry, you manage to get AT the pies with your female colleagues around, by Christ you must be fast. at this hospital it's just a cluster of grey backs moving rapidly about the NAAFI trolley!
  15. I have to mount one of those Tom Cruise stylee raids on the naafi that involves pullies / motion sensors / fake lasers etc. This commando raid is launched as the naafi bird is opening the doors. I then return to my operating theatre (via the ventelation ducts) to quaff my pies. Blo0dy women.