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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Lawnt, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. I am still waiting on attestation but want to get a move on with training as soon as possible.

    On previous visits to TA units I was told that experienced RN's (I am qualified > 20 years) tended to enter as Captain but am now being told I am more likely to enter as a 2nd Lt.

    Because I am currently working as an agency nurse to give myself the time and flexibility to do the training necessary to deploy I need to have a clear answer so I can decide whether to continue with my application. At the level of 2Lt pay it's not going to be economically viable, TA pay will not be extra pay for me, it will be what I live on. Any guidance on current regulations for entry rank as the recruiting team seem unclear in the unit I am joining.

    Many thanks.
  2. You should be able to find this out from your recruiting unit, but I think QA'a start at 2Lt. You get seniority, backdated as it were, for previous experience, but I don't think extra rank usually comes into it.

    That said, if you had a required sub-specialist nursing skill (say neuro-rehab, or similar), it might be different.

    If a TA 2Lt's pay is not enough for you to live on (with no other civvy income), why not join as a regular and save a considerable part of your cost of living? You're already working agency in preparation for deployment (and you're not even attested yet! wow).

  3. Moaning about not getting straight to captain? Hmm this is the British Army you are talking about?.........right? The way i understand it, on sucessfull completion of selection and training, you are promoted to the lofty height of 2nd Lt, then once you have put in some work (no jokes from please) you are promoted to Lt after about six months onwards and then a a year or so after that Captain. Oh, and you shouldnt join for the money, its not that good, well unless you are happy being compensated with a tan and some sand
  4. Thanks FF - i'm 44 - not going to be a regular
    bnb - it's clarity I'm after - not moaning, asking - on at least 4 previous visits to units over the last 6 years have been told that experienced nurses can expect to come in as a captain, now the story's changed. It's something I'm keen to do and am willing to make sacrifices (already am doing), but there are limits. I'm not doing it for the money, that would be silly as you quite rightly say. But the bills need to be paid. If anyone has something definitive on the subject or access to regs I'd be grateful.
  5. Are you attesting, or going before a commissioning board?

    If you're attesting, then your unit may be bringing you in as an OR nurse. Give me a day or two and I'll get the definitive answer on the commisioning thing.
  6. If you have been qualified in excess of 6 years, as I see you have, then you will be commisioned as a capt. you will be put somewhere suitable on the pay ladder - perhaps as a three or five year Captain.

    At the interview - ask lots of questions to demonstrate that you are keen and eager, such as - what point will I be on the pay band!!

    good luck and enjoy
  7. Initially as OR (Ocdt) to get me in green while the wait for security clearance before commissioning board goes on (and on) (and on) - aiming for PQO courses in April & May - thanks for that - as far as I can see it's in the regs but I can't find out what those regs say
  8. Thanks Bedpan2zero - that's the other version I had heard
    Not that I take it for granted - I just need something reasonably firm to plan on and things seem to be in a state of flux these days if Arsse is anything to go by
    Whatever happens, I'm going to do it (assuming I keep getting over the hurdles), I want to be deployed and get all I can out of it, the amount I can put in will be dictated by ££££'s to some extent though

    Thanks again
  9. you'll wear those lovely white tabs until all the paperwork is done, but youll go to Sandhurst as a Capt!

    good luck

    youre Reg Nursing Officer should be feeding you plenty info - if not - Ill have a word in her shell like for ya
  10. Thanks again! Fingers crossed!

    Should be attested next week and then can get more info one to one in the unit
  11. Didn't I say so? ;)

    Edited by accident!
  12. As I say I'm not taking anything for granted as everything seems to be in flux. I am relying on the unit ROSO who assures me that he can place me on PQO in April (as long as I don't mind doing it as an OCdt), but then nothing I have heard has yet happened as initially intended so .... Fingers crossed!

    Thanks, FF - good luck to you too
  13. Lawnt, just out of interest and completely off topic, what is the relevance of the Shropshire crest when you are in Co. Down. Are you originally a Shropshire Lad/Lass??
  14. yep - born and bred

    long story but Shropshire will always be home
  15. Well, you live and learn. I didn't realise you could do the PQO course as an O/Cdt. They didn't offer me that option, anyway.