QA confused by which badges to wear on parade

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Filbert Fox, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Just flicking through the pages of the July 2009 edition of Soldier Magazine, got to page 23, full page photograph of Officers and Soldiers on a march through London, to the left of the photo is a QA Capt, QA service cap, QA cap badge and a cheeky RAMC collar dog.

    Just to add insult to injury I believe that the serpent is facing the wrong way too!

    Shoes also could have done with a polish!

  2. Why - was she marching backwards?

    Hat, Coat - I'll see meself out thanks :D
  3. that type of remark is why you have been banished to the Balkans, which is so 90's!
  4. Eye thenk ewe :D
  5. Looking at the same picture the REME LCpl seems to be wearing the issued No2 shirt however the girl behind her (AGC) seems to be wearing a cream\white shirt? Do females get issued different types of shirt? I thought the 'lighter' shirts were for WO's.

    Stand corrected if wrong!
  6. Was laughing over it yesterday when an Officer came in and asked why so much morale? Showed her the pic, her response was 'Maybe she's a QA attached to a Medical unit'! And she was Sandhurst trained!
  7. Isn't it better to be potty trained?
  8. No need for polish. Just as long as they're comfortable.
  9. And in the same issue an excellent article with a different slant on the ususal doctors and nurses story.
  10. Some have said that the QA in the photo is probably TA, she needs a pretty good interview without coffee though regardless of whether she's Reg or TA!

    1stGulfMac, yep, agreed, it was a good article.
  11. Filbert,

    Just another thing mate "where is the lanyard?" left shoulder or not at all ?

    A shining example to us all!
  12. Serve to Lead!
  13. Filbert,

    On another note where did you get the OTT insignia? I likes it, are you able to send me a link for it.

    Much appreciated
  14. So its a case of "I am not homophobic but I am absolutely outraged that some QA officer might have been wearing an incorrect collar dog". ;)

    Incidentally I'm as outraged as everybody else about the gentleman who complained to this site's advertisers instead of communicating his problem in the proper way. I trust that has been resolved, but if we can help, please let me know.
  15. I've seen a few confused faces the last few day when they've looked at the front cover/inside page ;)