Q. Why is this man smiling?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jul 13, 2010.

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    A. Because he earns £231K per annum.

    Q. What does he do? Must be really important and adding lots of value.
    A. Indeed some must think so. A most important job at the cutting edge of social improvement, raising standards amongst the most deprived in our society.

    Q. So what does he do then?
    A. I have just told you.

    Q No you bloody well have not. What does he do?
    A. Well if you must know he runs a highly successful, innovative and happy educational establishment with over 30 languages spoken with students from a rich variety of backgrounds. All are well behaved, eager to learn and are supported by a team of hard working, talented and dedicated staff who celebrate ethnic, cultural and religious diversity and challenge prejudice and bullying at all levels

    Q, Gosh, so that must be one of those huge acadamy things then dealing with hoards of disturbed and dangerous wannabee ganstas. BRAAAP! Which one?
    A. Errrr not quite. It is a Primary School dealing with 3 to 11 year olds.

    Q. £231K for a Primary School Head Teacher! WTF is that all about?
    A. Not quite sure. Better ask Ed Balls, since he presided over Education and allowed a system to evolve whereby this geezer can cream in £102,955 for work as part of the "City Challenge" programme, a further £10,000 for out-of-hours work and "arrears "of £9,317 for work undertaken the previous year on top of his £82,714 official salary. His employer is unable to account for £26,000, which would take his pay to the officially stated figure of £231,400.

    Q. FFS no wonder the country is skint! Anything else i should know about?
    A. Modest pension contributions of £45,123. Oh and his own Union think the arrangements are a disgrace.

    Union blasts pay deals as London primary headteacher earns £231,400 | News
  2. All of that, and if you look closely you can see his right middle finger still glistening where it has been recently withdrawn from an eleven year olds front bottom.
  3. Awesome, I'm in the wrong job.
  4. I thought he had that look on his face because he'd taken the saddle of his bike & replaced it with a dildo!!
  5. His basic salary, as being the head of a primary school, works out at around £80k. If you think thats bad well my 'principle' is on a basic salary of 160k, although he is head of the second largest secondary comprehensive in Europe . . .
  6. My God! Hes got a lot of kiddie fiddling to do...
  7. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  8. Is it me or does he look like Jeffrey Archer?
  9. Why get angry with a TEACHER who does something worthwhile with their career, but a FOOTBALL player gets that amount of money in a couple of weeks nothing is said? Your all a load of *****!
  10. Maybe he gets paid so much because he has to do the fat kids as well?

    If so, I can't say I grudge him a penny.
  11. Well you can choose to not go to football matches, you can't choose to have a large portion of your salary taken at source and given to people like him, he's taking the entire taxed earnings of roughly 30 people on an average wage, Nurses, Soldiers, Police, any reason as a primary head why he deserves a large amount of their income, and why he's so much more important 30 of them would have to club together to pay his salary?
  12. On top of his salary for doing his job, he apparently gets another c.£50k a year for mentoring other Heads as part of some "Challenge" scheme. On top of that he gets c.£10k for "overtime". Methinks if he concentrated on the job for which he is actually appointed, maybe he wouldn't need the overtime?
  13. the bloke turned a shithole school round so its now outstanding and is used as a consultant to try do the same to others.
    now maybe its a tad excessive but hes managed to do what a lot of people whine about.
    make state education work without resorting to selection or a machine gun :)

    compared with a lot of public and quango types he's actually delivered not only at the terms of his contract but noticable improvement that parents noticed. How ******* rare is that ?
  14. Hippy I wouldn't begrudge him a good wage for doing his job, 270k is a little excessive.
  15. Compared to what?