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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Lee Van Cleef, Aug 31, 2003.

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  1. Wouldnt notice, who's DAAvn?

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  2. Would put AAC into the 21st Century

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  3. Would put AAC back into the dark ages?

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  4. DAAvn is the only thing keeping AAC alive?

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  5. DAAvn does a stirling job?

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  1. Opinions?
  2. Remember present DAAVN when he was just a young Lieutenant, say one thing for him he allways remembers people :D dont know the new one apart from the tomato sauce fiasco and that he used to belong to a Regiment that wears skirts
  3. Whoever it is to be, is he going to take the bull by the horns and revert the fiasco caused on Pay Cut 2000. With the new Whirlygig and all the technical qualifications the boys on the ground are going to need, the said "boys" deserve to be up banded.

    How is it possible, (but with the utmost respect to other corps and regiments - cos someone fought their case), that our lads can be put on a lower band compared to some others who have no where near the equipment or responsibilities our groundcrew specialists have.

    We've been around the houses on this subject I know. But I have never heard (YET) a suitable,concrete or logical reason as to why we were left out the way we were.

    The only other thing is for all the lads to get out and work for Bernie Eccleston - at least they'll be paid what they deserve for doing the same job - apparrently!!!!!!!!! - ask Geoff.
  4. This poll is about loss of DAAVN, ie no more DAAVN!! control of AAC would fall into JHC.

    Points For:

    no more duplication of effort
    only one command chain
    only one procedural generator
    no more hangers on darkening the corridors at MW

    Points againist:

    Navy and RAF incharge on rotation
    No dedicated Brigadier to fight our case
    Complete loss of any self governing

    Well, thats how I see it. I dont think that our last clutch of directors have helped as neither have made much of an impact on the ground.

    We are still faced with "you couldnt possibly do that as your not a QHI" and why would we get you lot qualified when we can pay ATIL millions to do it.

    Face it...we dont trust either our Aircrew or Groundcrew or should that be NCO Aircrew and NCO Groundcrew.

    Back to the Dark Ages....we arent and have never got out of them...Soldiers First!!!! hmm
  5. Some very interesting points. I would imagine that some who browse this board might find the views poinient.
  6. JHC ? Muttley raises the spectre of a joint intelligence and security organisation. I'm too long in the tooth to entertain it.

    Stories are legion: After a full set of OP orders, the Army JNCO OP commander gets into the bush. The Flight SGT stands at the side of the road and says " I'm not lying on the ground"

    I'm afraid that the recent tragic experiences of the RMP's clearly illustrates that we are not going to be able to leave that soldier thing behind. And please don't, you could end up like the excited Crab I met in the RIC bar once:
    " we went into Belfast yesterday! we were in civvies !! and we had a pistol!!! " certainly earned his GSM then.

    Keep the faith, stay green :mrgreen: