Q: Motorways and roadworks in the holiday period

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by ABrighter2006, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Okay - waiting for the accusations of whinging, but wondered if others here were of any similar opinions?

    I've driven the best part of 2000 miles in the last month on business and more recently up to the top end of the M1 to see family.

    A good percentage of the M25 and M1 are currently subject to roadworks - go visit www.theAA.co.uk for the full picture.

    What struck me driving back South today, was the large amount of motorway system effected, and whilst not having a pop at the guys who carry out the work, today was a none working day for the majority of contractors. In about 60 miles of roadworks, I saw five guys mit hi-vis and JCB digging a culvert below an embankment. I also saw about thirty miles of the cones left out, with the proverbial down to two lanes routine when the three lanes could have been back in play.

    I know there is the "Cones Hotline" - but wouldn't the motoring public prefer the contractors to be working through a seven day shift system?

    I guess this is more down to the finances, but what are the thoughts of ARRSE on the work seven-day rolling shifts versus, forcing contractors to de-cone during none-working periods?

    Aware of several who work on the roads infra who post on ARRSE, so appreciate any "expert" input. :D
  2. Apart from safety critical roadworks, all have been lifted in my region. If you go onto our website, www.highways.gov.uk there should be a section explaining which roadworks have been left on and why. ;)
  3. Anyone who travels during the Bank Holiday should be castrated for clinical stupidity. Unless it's a really hot day. I like nothing more than watching children p1ss themselves in cars and die of heat stroke.