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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by CptDanjou, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. I wish to sell a P/A mag tube to a unknown person on a forum , does the buyer have to have a SGC ? its not a controlled part surely ?
  2. You don't have to but I would request a copy of an ID prior to shipping and want to know the reason he wants it.

  3. He`s going to pay by Paypal so I guess that would suffice as it will be connected to his bank account ,

    His PM reads "

    I have a sec2 xxxxxxx as a collectable for which I pick up oddments as they appear
    over the years I've managed to get an original folder stock (with xxxx) as well as the one piece polymer one and an entire PA* in case I ever need trigger mech parts ;-)
    One day I may get a variation and take it off sec2. if the original tube is crimped it can destroy it uncrimping so a new spare is good planning for that day. ....whatever the capacity

    Seems a genuine reason.
  4. I wouldn't touch that with a barge pole mate.
  5. Is it a Proof-stamped mag tube as you imply, or a mag extension tube? If the latter, no worries, if the former, hmmmmm.
  6. Magazines are not controlled in any way. However, I agree with the statement containing ten foot barge-poles.

    BTW, "Proof" on a magazine? I think not. Although, by the Proof Houses, the marks on restricted magazines are not Proof marks.
  7. \just bear in mind that the difference between sec 1 and 2 shotguns can be the magazine size! A benelli with a 3 shot mag is sec 2, the same gun with an 8 shot mag is sec 1.
  8. /\ Recon he knows that but valid point none the less
  9. Run away.

    Could be a sting, y'know.

    Such things HAVE happened here in Blighty.

  10. IIRC the mag tube is not a controlled part, and it only becomes a firearms offence if someone fits it to a shotgun and thus converts that shotgun to section 1.

    Surely its just the same as selling a Lee Enfield magazine? A ten-round magazine is completely unlicensed, and can be bought or sold without restriction at any old militaria fair or on eBay. It only helps create an offence if someone knocks the welded plate out of a converted .410 Enfield shotgun, and fits the mag - creating (at least to the idiots who drafted the law) a section 1 shotgun..
  11. He may not have drafted the legislation but the man responsible for it was Roy Hattersley. He did a deal with the Tories after Hungerford. If they included this ludicrous rubbish in the 1988 Act, the Labour Opposition would give the Act a fair wind through Parliament.

  12. Thats what I thought , mags generally do not have serial numbers either.