Q about Chilwell - oh no, not 'Electoral'

Sorry, the words "electoral" and "registration" seem at times to be taking over half the site

question is - are RTMC currently reminding people about electoral matters - in their handouts, or somewhere in that rush from store to store to medical to dental to trg?

Q about FTRS - edit. clarified below

TA and reservists should already be registered from their home addresses. But they should be considering on mobilisation whether to arrange proxy or postal voting. RTMC ought to have copies of the forms available. Anyone who deploys now obviously isnt likely to be at the polling station on say 5th May.

My view is that somewhere in the pre-deployment process, everyone (TA, res, Reg) needs to be reminded to consider their voter status, a bit like checking the Will - you arent ordered to do it but you must consider it.

Hope this makes sense. Also hope the answer to my question is 'YES', if not can I suggest someone mentions it to RTMC tactfully - blame me!
TACOS for FTRS specifically state you cannot register as a service voter. Also mentions it in the FTRS DCI - DCI(A) 74/04 (think I've got the number correct). Not sure if it applies if you are engaged on an S type, but would think not as on this type of engagement you are actually in the Regular army. On FTRS you are still in the Reserves. :x

I've mentioned this on this site before. Also you are advised when taking up a period of FTRS, to rent your house out rather than selling it (this is also applied to those in rented accommodation). Therefore if you follow the rules like I did, you cannot register in your own address because the lodger is more than likely already registered.
hackle said:
are RTMC currently reminding people about electoral matters
In the callout pack there is a specific paragraph. I'm not unpacking just to quote it, but I'll paraphrase it to "you should make arrangements for voting".
v useful replies from all, many thanks.

fuku raises v interesting point about FTRS. I now think the FTRS DCI is correct in stating that FTRS are not entitled to register as service voters. (Representation of the People Act 1983 s59(1), "exclusion of members of reserve or auxiliary forces", apparently.) By the way this contradicts information currently on errr other websites.

There are possible solutions for FTRS, including those who have rented out their home as recommended by MOD. Advice should be available to all from Council EROs and from units.

Re RTMC Chilwell, it is obviously not for me to say what should happen within any establishment. If it was me I would consider it my duty, in terms of DCI(JS) 01/05 and other recent MOD messages, to take extra steps to remind and assist mobilising personnel re electoral registration and 'absent voter' choices.

Might add something to our existing 'tactful suggestions': http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=212457#212457
Also adding TA/Reserves electoral problems to our 'recommendations to local Councils': http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=212768#212768

thanks again all, any further comments welcome

Please see new post in Current Affairs forum:


No doubt there are both legal wizards and local government gurus who use this fine TA forum. Please feel free to give me any comments, and also brief your local Council people.

Anyone who has actual experience of electoral problems for reservists, please also let me know. YOUR real-life experience in the Forces is the greatest strength of this 'ARRSE' campaign.

best regards


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