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Discussion in 'REME' started by Run_Charlie!, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. I'm a crab stranded in MPA. I have to drive a Bedford every day but no one in my section knows how (or where) to check the oil. This dip stick is nowhere in sight..... taking the vehicle to the MTW lines puzzled even the REME guys who said it was OK - but they never found it either!

    It's a Bedford (possibly 8 ton) dropside, with an Atlas crane (the crane obstructs the usual access point to the dipstick). As she's in constant use, I am concerned about this "oversight"! All help greatly appreciated!

  2. "taking the vehicle to the MTW lines puzzled even the REME guys who said it was OK - but they never found it either!"

    I should hope not, they should have their trade taken off them if they did and they should have an AESP if its that difficult.
  3. A dipstick can sometimes be found behind the steering wheel. :wink:
  4. A crab worried about oil levels -whatever next? I thought the normal RAF way was to drive untill the engine glows a nice cherry red and the paint on the rocker cover ignites.

    In this case I suggest you turn the vehicle upside down and remove the sump-plug. Pour in required amount of oil, replace sump-plug, turn vehicle correct way up and continue driving.
  5. 8O 8O Is this a joke? I’m not even trade trained and I have no problem first parading our Bedfords and that includes checking the dipstick.
    You should beat your REME boys with their own spanners until they work it out, it’s not hard but their beatings should be!!
  6. In this particular instance, the dip stick is inside the cab, behind the steering wheel, driving it.

    Couldn't resist
  7. how can you be qualified to drive a vehicle and not do a first works

    Oh wait what am I saying , I spent 2 years of my auspicious RAF "career" doing just this to rovers before I got my licence

    Silly old me
  8. Someone please tell me that this post is a wind up :!:

    Crabs........I sh*t em!
  9. Skjold - That site is brilliant. I would buy loads if I wasn't certain that Mrs M would divorce me as soon as she saw them in the drive. Green Goddess is a big temptation.
  10. How do you get an FMT600 without knowing where the dipstick is??

  11. Strange I know but it's not a Crab drivers job to "first parade" a wagon. MT looks after all that stuff.
  12. Unfortunately so; we call 1st parade a DI, and I seldom see one done. Hence the question on a vehicle I've never even seen before let alone driven or fam'd up on.
  13. MMmmm dont let the ECI teams find out else theyll be on a Timmy before you can say AESP 601.
  14. So when the driver ploughs this vehicle through a bus stop due to a fault he should have picked up on first parade he's going to stick his hands up and say not my fault guv'nor MT should have checked that, the road worthiness of a vehicle is always the drivers responsibility and part of the road worthiness 'check' is to first parade the vehicle.

    Have to agree though if the VM's can't tell you where it is (find that hard to believe but it takes allsorts) the MTO should be ripping them a new arrsehole.