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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Alexis, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi, About 2 weeks ago i went into the careers office looking for information, and i was scheduled in for BARB test, i passed that, and got enough to do the Military Police, but because i dont have a C in English i am not eligable. So i filled out my medical anyway and was just told that my medical is ok, and when can i come for an interview. Onto the fitness, i have been running everday since 2 weeks ago, the first time i have exercised since school (i'm 19 now) and he told me that i need to tell him what time i can run 1.5 miles in, (under 12 he says), this has worried me because i can barely run half a mile without wanting/needing to stop, i know that i cant run 1.5 in 12 minutes, but i have to tell him by Wednesday what time i can do it in. I need to know a few things:

    1. If i tell him that i can't run it in that time, does that mean i can't do an interview or go further?
    2. Can i keep training now and have the interview when i know i am fitter? and if i do that does that mean i would have to go through the first processes again? i.e re-do medical (forms?)

    What should i do? :oops:
  2. Find someone who knows how to run and how to train you obviously don't know either. It isn't hard I am 50 and can still put in ten minute miles over a reasonable distance and sub 12 for 1.5 miles
  3. Hello

    Most regiments or corps in the army require you to do the 1.5 mile run in under 14 minutes. The person at the careers office would have told you to do it in twelve as that is a more respectable time as it were. To be honest I would wait until your fitness level was a little better. If you keep running the way you are it shouldnt be long until you get a better time. I doubt you will have to go through the medical process again but discuss it at the careers office. Tell them you wish to wait until you're fitter, you'll always be kept on record there.
  4. Great, thank you both for the advice. I will have a big think about it, i really want to go in now, but i shouldn't have gone untill i was fit enough. He said last week that he would contact me for the interview in 2 weeks, it has been 6 days, didn't think it would be that quick lol. I have definately improved from 2 weeks ago, but it's still too soon. Although i will time myself tommorow just to see what time i come up with!
  5. If i was you id tell him you can run it in 12 mins as you may have to wait some time to get a date for RSC (where you will take part in various fitness tests). So you will have time to practice.
    You need to be aiming at the most 12mins, as anything over does not look good at RSC. In fact its almost walking.

    Unless your a big fat b*stard id be very surprised you can’t improve your time massively. Its all in your head, you may feel like you have to stop but its only 12mins of hard work. Try pushing yourself hard, also maybe run with a friend who is fitter and let them set the pace. And warm up before as this will also help improve your time.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Good luck
  6. I hadn't done ANY training or prep for my RSC, but I still easily beat 12 minutes, if you fail to get under this, then you are seriously wrong. But at least I know with a couple of months training, I'll probably be looking at around 9 minute runs.

    If you fail to beat 12 minutes, well, apart from being slow, honestly, this isn't always a problem. If you've done really well over the whole RSC, scored well in your other fitness tests, and given 100%, then they'll see this, and even a 1.5mile run in sub par time can be overlooked. We had one lad who was 29, bit of a belly, was a civvie copper but wanted to join the RMPs. He was really slow, he stopped on the run (I'm not sure if they gave him a lift in the minibus so he could get his breath back and then run again) but if I did it in 11 minutes, he must have been minutes behind me. But either way, he must have gave 100% because they passed him at the end of it all.
  7. Good for you! Doesn't help this guy though!

    Fastest way to get yourself fit for the 1.5miler would be to do speed interval training. Find a footie pitch and jog the length of it, then turn straight around and sprint back at full pelt and repeat 8 times without stopping.

    Next day do a 3/4 mile run at about 8/9mins mile pace.

    Couple of days after do a 3/4 mile run at the same pace as before but every 3mins sprint flat out for 30seconds.

    Take a day off then repeat the above. Ok, so it won't really get you prepared for the longer runs but it'll help at least get you over this hurdle with some time to prepare for the next ones.
  8. Thanks for all the help guys, the time i got today was 14 minutes! Not great at all, but if i keep at it, it's going down each day. BTW i have been running everday, doing the 1.5 and timing it. Shall i just carry on doing this till it goes to 12? or should i now do those things like you said Jimbleep?. Next week, i am going to a local track, which the careers recommended, and 6 times round is 1.5 miles, if i do each lap in 2.10seconds, he said that should be alright. So if i aim for that, should be okay!
  9. wtf!!! What happened to sub 9.30min runs??
  10. Do not train every day.
    Give yourself at least one day off each week.
    Try to introduce some variations of distance and speed.
    Aim to build up to a longer distance than you need to run for the test in order to give yourself a margin of spare capacity.
    Dont forget to "warm down" with stretches after your runs.

    watch your diet. Eat carbs but cut fat and drink lots of water but cut out the beer.

    You should see significant improvement fairly quickly.
  11. Keep going, buddy! At least you are getting off your ass and trying to do something about your fitness. As long as you get an okay time at your selection and pass it, if you keep training your times will come down.

    Just keep it up, going out regulary. The interval training recommended is a good way to bring down your run times, so you should try it. Once you can run a 12 minutes, 1.5 mile, don't stop there (because it's still pretty slow to be honest)! You'll still need to be getting much lower than that for your actual training.

    But there is only so much that talking can do, action is the only way. GO GO GO!
  12. Alexis,

    Everyone has given you some good advice but I'd just like to ask if you have seen your GP recently? At your age, you shouldn't be having much of a problem so you may wish to have a quick check-up to make sure there's nothing amiss.

    Alternatively, do you smoke? Obviously smoking will have a serious impact on most people's ability to carry out sustained aerobic exercise. If you do smoke, try to cut down or better still give up altogether.

    If none of the above applies to you, try working on the distance to improve your stamina. Once you have mastered the distance try to increase the workload (intensity) so you can reduce your time. As a guide, if you have access to a treadmill, you should be aiming to run 2.4km at level 13 which should take you around 11mins.

    Good luck.
  13. I smoked for 2 years, quit for 8 months, and now im smoking again. I can not stress in words the amount of difference not smoking makes. You quit and after a month you feel like you have grown an extra lung, but all you have actually done is regain the full vo2 levels you originally had.
    If your still running the 1.5 mile run in 14 minutes even though your running everyday it would suggest either a medical problem or lack of motivtion or effort. Best advice i can give is to set yourself literal targets, not just "Till i cant go any further" - its not that this is a bad attitude, but having an actual number in your mind to aim for will make you go that extra bit further and faster. Keep pushing and keep progressing to your max and you will not fail.
  14. They will pass you on selection for a run time of 14 mins or under.
  15. havent run 1.5 mile in over 6 months but went out yesterday and done it in 9 and a half mins.

    Remember to go jog/run 800m or so first before you start the 1.5 mile (you have to do this on selection!)

    I used to just run as far as i could for 10mins walk for 5 run again for 10mins and so on building up reps till i was out for an hour.

    This way your body will get used to running at for 10mins at full tilt-which is what you rreally should be aiming for a selection

    Too be honest mate its better off telling the AFCO guy the truth about what you can do it in because who knows your selection could be the next week (mine was!)