Pyrodex 12gauge load

Morning all,

I have a really nice Damascus barrelled, 12g SBS hammer gun, but it's only BP proofed. My dad gave it to me when he jacked in shooting, I really like shooting with it as it seems to fit me very well. He always used Eley Grand Prix after advice from his old school gunsmith that they are equivalent to 3drams of BP under an oz of shot.

I already keep Pyrodex for my Brown Bess and I have a shotshell press so I thought it would make sense to put the 2 together to make a more suitable cartridge for this lovely old gun.

Enough waffle, does anyone have any data for Pyrodex 12g loads?
Thanks for the quick replies but unless I'm being a complete mong, there is no specific load data using Pyrodex in shotgun cartridges. What I have gleaned is that loading by volume equates to BP loads so, WTF is a dram? if it's a weight then where would I finf the volume of 3drams of BP so that I can work out an equivalent Pyro load?


Be very careful, shotgun reloading is so less forgiving than pistol or rifle. Get a good book on the stuff or a cd and follow the loads to the letter, hulls, primers wads and crimps. Dont want to lose an eye!

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