Pxxxed Off At The Cancellation Of Stonehenge Tunnel

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Norfolknchance, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. As a semi-regular traveller down to the South West of England, I was dismayed to see on the telly last night that the Government has decided to abandon plans for a tunnel near Stonehenge because "it would cost too much".

    Also, that much-loved bottleneck on the A303, Winterbourne Stoke, will not now benefit from a by-pass yet the speed camera at the bottom of the hill will no doubt remain. How they think they'll catch anyone speeding there defeats me, last weekend I couldn't even get out of 2nd gear!

    Anyone else pissed off with yet another barking decision by Broon and his cronies? :twisted:
  2. I am shocked that New Labour havent pulled the Henge down due to H&S reasons (how can such an old structure be safe?), thereby enabling a toll road to be built over its site. Also, NL may argue that it is too much of a symbol of the past and that it does not reflect New Brittania's foreward looking, inclusive culture.
    Or am I just cynical?
  3. It has annoyed me a tad as getting across the A303 to 'The Bell' can be fraught with danger especially the return trip after a few pints.
  4. My son, you are yet to realise that this is all part of the big plan to get one used to irritable driving syndrom for the further delays to come along said road being stuck behind tractors and the devil's own holiday on wheels, CARAVANS!
  5. I suppose things will change once the roof goes on and the windows get put in! :eek:
  6. The Bell? Pah, you need to be in Newton Tony and The Mallet!

    The A303 is one big bottleneck, it would be better as either one long single carriage road or (much better) a big dual carriageway, or even a motorway. Would open up the west/south west of England and completely eliminate all those frustrating bottlenecks partly caused by the singl/dual/single/dual balls...
  7. My first trip up the A303 from Exeter was in 1982 and I have seen caravans progress from a shed on wheels to the monsters they are now. So, I've experienced it already, have the tee shirt and sang on the single!

  8. MMMMMMMMMMMM Mallet Burgers
  9. I'll think you'll find that the local community and any one of the 4 other 'interested parties' may have something to do with the cancellation.

    'Everyone' knows that 'something' needs to be done, but it seems that 'everyone' wants their cake in large edible slices as well, so that 'something' had better be bloody profitable and preferably nowhere near moi laaaaaand.

    And for my part: electric road train?? Are you ******* kidding?