PXs - a mere chimera?


Armed with the BFG guide to American PXs here in Germany, I decided to take a quick left into the Garmisch-Partkirchen US Camp on the way back from the Eibsee cable car station whilst here on holiday with Mrs Pendomus for a look in their PX, only to be given the old Foxtrot Oscar by the sunglass adorned gate guard.

Having 'phoned the PX earlier and been told 'no problem just show your ID' I was told that I couldn't even use get the Installation Manager to issue me a pass if I booked an appointment and gave him the form I had obtained from the SSO as this was not a NATO base and I had no right to be there!

It put a mild tarnish on a great day on the Zugsptize.

WTF is going on here with our American friends?
Since the US security on bases in Germany went from zero to 50,000 feet since 11/9, you have had to acquire a special ID Card that gains entry to all US Bases 24/7. The chap was correct that there is a form to be signed by an authorised signatory at major garrisons (SSO type function) You then have to go to a nominated Base, that you have pre booked an appointment for to get snapped and sorted (I went to Schinnen in Holland) That gains entry to the base and you can then get the chance to larf at the fat women with hairdo's only seen now on UK Gold.


Guru is right you now need a USAREUR/USAFE installation pass to get on to the US facilities. This also includes the Edelweiss lodge in Garmisch. Once your in, you use your UK ID card.

Just depends if you want to be on the CIA's fingerprint list???


isongard, In reply to your question. where you are (what country your in) will depend on what facilities you are entitled to. If your based in Germany be sure to get both USAREUR and USAFE on your pass when you get issued it (you can only use PX/BX in Germany for tax reasons I think). Also everyone needs to have a pass now, you cannot sign people in.
Mate my pass states me and four adults and their vehicles which is a lot of beer space :D . Also its only one finger they take a print of so a bit of sandpaper and thats sorted too :wink:


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I thought it was just phone ahead jobbie, remember seeing Garmish on the BFBS travel show advertising that we could stay and use the camp.
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