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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Xoums, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    I have a few questions about the PWRRs.
    I am currently looking to get a commission in a light infantry regiment. I have a visit/interview with Cnl Ball (spelling?) next week so I will get to ask him all the questions I can think off then.
    Nevertheless I thought I could maybe ask a few people on here if they could provide me with a brief/uncensored insight on how life is within the PWRRs.
    I am sure they are as good and professional as any British infantry regiment can be.
    That being said I am under the impression that each regiment has its smaller or bigger differences and I must say I am not that familiar with the PWRRs, aside from the fact that they are one of the oldest British regiments and have been awarded a good share of prestigious medals and mentions.

    Kind Regards,


    PS: any recommended literature or video footage( documentaries, ect...) about the regiment would be appreciated.
  2. just google PWRR or youtube it, lots of videos on there.

    IMO a very professional bunch of guys, some of the best SNCO's I have ever worked with, some very good jnr offr's, and some absolute throbbers.
    If you are on FB, do a search for PWRR, both 1 & 2 have pages.
    Are you from their recruiting areas? I did hear they are quite a popular choice and they can afford to be picky.

  3. Hi,

    thank you for your response.
    to answer you question, no I am not from the South East but from the South West (Oxford) could this work against me?
  4. Officer recruiting is generally not done on a geographical basis.

    Try reading Richard Holmes' "Dusty Warriors" which covers a PWRR tour in 2004.
  5. And also outlines who he, when he was Regt Col, went about choosing YOs for the Regiment. I doubt the considerations have changed radically in 5 years....
  6. Go Rifles.
  7. 1 PWRR was the last regular army unit that I was attached to and from an attached arms (REME) perspective, they were the best regiment that I have ever served with. Very professional, Very tough and they played very, very hard in the mess too :D

    They also looked after their attached arms like their own and truly made us feel a part of the family.
  8. Colonel Mike Ball is the Regimental Secretary of the PWRR (no 's'), a good allround egg who is a very good judge of character. Top tip with Col B is dont try to bluff/bullshit him he can spot it a mile off, be honest and if you dont know something or are not sure tell him!

    I have known him for nearly 30 years since I was a snot nosed sprog and he was my OC, he will give you a fair crack of the whip its only you that can mess it up!

    Good luck.
  9. No its not.

    PWRR are very very popular at the moment 17 for 5 places in my intake. I have visited both battalions and both are fantastic a good mix of roles and the possibility of TRB as well.
  10. No Infantry Regiments, with the notable exception of the Paras and R IRISH can be classified light. Each Regiment has a mix of Armoured, Mech or Light. Depending on which Battalion you join will dictate role. You can express a preference on your interview.

    In the case of PWRR, 1st is Armd Inf and based in Paderborn for the known future and 2nd Light, in Woolwich by the time you pass out, followed by Celle from 2013.

    Mike Ball is a splendid chap and I use those words deliberately. I Reinforce the no Bull bit. Final Point, If you're not Top Third in your intake I suggest you look beyond the Infantry. We can afford to be picky!!
  11. RustyH

    I don't want to be picky but I think you have misread his point. If you did read it correctly then I suspect you may be in the wrong. Officers are not recruited geographically. Happy to be proved wrong.

  12. On the topic of officers being geographically recruited, I was wondering... I'm currently with the 3rd Bn Royal Welsh as it's closest to my uni. I'm originally from Oxford, but I was thinking about joining the 1st or 2nd Bn after I leave uni. Is that normal or acceptable?
  13. Rawr,

    It is both normal and acceptable. Regiments will select their officers based on how they think they will fit into the mess not based on where they came from. If you are a good bloke then the Regiment will be delighted to have you and not be too fussed where you were born or live.

  14. As mentioned, it'd probably do you well to read Dusty Warriors. Another book about the PWRR is Sniper One by Dan Mills (IIRC), covering the siege at Cimic House. Two very different reads, each with their own benefits - Holmes is a military historian and ex-Colonel, whilst Mills is/was and Sgt. in the regiment.

    There's also a couple of videos on PWRR knocking around (probably on Youtube), both recruitment videos and tour videos from Iraq.
  15. Thanks for that reply, sorry to hijack the thread.