Discussion in 'Infantry' started by andyboy443, Apr 18, 2007.

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  1. im pretty much set on joining PWRR now but ill probably end up in germany or cyprus just wondering if anyone has any experience in these countries and could share some advise or info
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Germany is very good on rules and hairy armpits, whilst Cyprus is a bit warmer and a lot smaller, unless you have dual Turkish nationality.
  3. Germany is the dogs - especially if you know any German (the language - not a person!)
  4. You will hate Cyprus. Nice for a holiday but...

    Germany is brill if you get into it. If you sit in camp and complain about the locals you will hate it.

    My first post (Queen's) for 5 years in BAOR was fantastic. Get out and enjoy the locals, learn the language and you will love the place.
  5. My mate Chalky always did talk on the net like the other person was talking nepalese.

    Always good looking chaps
  6. Paderborne is quality if get out and enjoy yourself. Good nights out and the locals are friendly, high proportion of good looking females. Its easy to fly home direct to Stansted airport, or join in the road trip with your muckers. Its cold and snowy in the winter with plenty of ski trips at the weekend and the summers are long and hot.

    Like the others say, get out and about, learn the lingo and make the most of living in Europe with all its attractions. Your come home a better man for it.
  7. Yeah Paderborn is a good posting. You have to venture off the beaten track to get the best out of it though, don't get stuck in a rut doing the same stuff week in week out.
    The more German you speak the better but there's been british here for years so you'd be surprised how many boxheads speak our lingo. (even though some like to pretend they don't!)
  8. if you single or married its one of the best postings there is.
  9. Christ, whats this the PB fan-club!?

    Its alright but not THAT good!
  10. yeah paderborn is toppers if you only other choice is a posting up a dead rats asshole.
  11. Any ex Royal Hampshires around ??
  12. Yes mate have experienced both countries and both are really good. It all boils down to making the most of it all and going there with a positive attitude and enjoying yourself.

    As you've probably read the previous post, there's some that don't like Germany and some don't like Cyprus. Well, I enjoyed both and have happy memories from them. There are times when you'll get pissed off with things in either country you go to but the good times will out weigh the bad times.

    I done over 23 yrs in the Infantry and I can honestly say there's not one place I didn't enjoy - and that includes Bulford. Maybe I'm just easy to please and just get on with life and enjoy it.

    Where ever you decide to go, enjoy it at the tax payers expense.

    BT. :D
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