Discussion in 'Infantry' started by patroltrace, Oct 20, 2005.

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  1. Just read with interest a post by Darth_Doctrinus stating that 300 PWRR soldiers had signed off. Is this true or not??

    Understand that they saw a huge amount of action in actions such as Danny Boy and incidents resucing the Cheshires in Basra in 2004, but they can't have been as seen off as some of the Germany Units who backfilled 7 Bde on Telic 1, deployed with 20 Bde on Telic 3 and then back now backfilling 7 Bde again. Surely they would be signing off in their droves as well.

    Not sure what is happening with the PWRR. Give a soldier choice, eh?
  2. A point of detail. The rescue you refer to was of 1 RHA personnel and was performed by the 1 PWRR company who were part of the 1 CHESHIRE Battle Group at the time. Like the rest of 1 PWRR they had a superb tour, supported the brigade magnificently and, with the Black Watch, provided AI support to innumerable contacts, taking several serious casualties (including one fatality) without faltering. I have the highest respect for them but would make it clear that there was no "resucing the Cheshires in Basra". :roll:
  3. Agreed on the rescuing of 1RHA! A sad day considering the end result for a young private soldier. A very good mob of blokes all round!!!
  4. The figure I saw in the newspaper on Monday was 70 soldiers leaving. 300 would have had the Press screaming by now.

    PWRR did some extreme stuff in Iraq, especially the bayonet charge that the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders got the credit for.

    Touch wood, I'll be joining them in 4 years time.
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    See other threads on this - there is more to this than meets the eye. Firstly, they've just had 'their' war and after this a lot of blokes leave - happened after previous 'actions', will probably happen again in the future. Secondly, no-one wants to leave prior to an Op Tour, no-one can while it's on, and no-one will during POTL. So they have a period of around nine months or so with no-one going. what would the normal turnover of an Inf Bn be during this period? Not a lot different to 70, I would think.

    Final Rant - the PWRR are an excellent Regiment, I'm incredibly proud to have been, in a small way, part of them, and they do not deserve to be used by the unholy anti-War/Blair/Bush/Capitalism/Western alliance as political fodder.
  6. OS - completely agree!

    I got this from a chap in the PWRR, and it has certainly happened to units in the past! It remains to be seen whether all those people who have indicated a desire to leave the colours will actually do so...

    ..and finally. PT - this is the Army 'Rumour' Service - all that glitters is not necessarily gold! ;)
  7. I agree with OldSnowy - our battalion lost quite a few after Afghan - people had been on operations and 'done it'. For a unit that has really earned the right to say they've 'done it', I expect they'll lose more.

    Combined with a 9 months of wastage in one shot. . . that makes a lot of people putting in the big T!

    Just means the recruiters will need to get busy, just like across the rest of the british army.
  8. I had a lot to do with the 1 Cheshire Battle Group on Telic 4, they had contacts galore, brave bunch.
  9. Hear, hear!

    And one other point to note. All references I've seen on this simple talk of the PWRR and not specifically about 1 PWRR (or 2 PWRR). So, if it's 70 asking to leave from the regiment - ie across 2 battalions - that's probably below average loss per year!

    Does anyone know different?
  10. This is all from a spurios couple of stories that appeared in the weekend press a couple of weeks ago. Undoubtedly, PWRR are a well known regiment and thus are good hunting ground for stories that maybe used by the press as a beating stick against the current foreign policy. I think that you should keep in mind that there are two battalions, the story focussed on the 1PWRR, and the figures quoted are inflated. With these 2 battalions there is the underlying ability to cross post which is the desired effect of the large regiment theory. I suspect that the powers that be are not concerned by this as has been correctly summised, if you join the Army to go on operations, you get exactly that. Once you have been on difficult ops you come to a decision point as to what you want to do. Its free choice and that I hope is what we stand for.

    Remember also that the stories focussed on those leaving, not those joining. PWRR has a large recruiting area and a well developed recruiting strategy. I understand that there are three points during the year that soldiers leave Catterick (anybody know different, let me know). I think the story would have been more balanced if it sought to see how many soldiers are actually going from Catterick to the PWRR.
  11. Scorpion.

    Stop posting your inane drivel.

    Inf Mod
  12. We may not of directly rescued the cheshires in basra, however on numerous occasions, B coy, 1 PWRR were the only soldiers allowed outside a military base to carry out patrols, therefore preventing a situation were they might and more then likely would of needed rescuing. And finally the blokes that are getting out because we were lied to by the battalion with regards to life in Germany not because of Iraq.
  13. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    The warriors from B Coy 1 PWRR and 1 BW were used by the BG when the threat prevented Snatch moves, but the rest of us were out on foot all the time. As someone who helped B Coy to extract from their rescue of the 1 RHA multiple and whose Coy took several casualties over the period, I am fcuking furious that you even dare to say what you have. We all worked extremely together well as a BG, and I have huge respect for B Coy, but for you to imply that everything relied on only you shows you to be an uninformed little co ck.

    If you want to come back at me - crack on.
  14. Got a figure around 400 from a 1 PWRR NCO in Catterick last month...
  15. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm an uninformed litttle co ck, you say. thanks. my comment was'nt directed at the BG as a whole, because i know many elements of it worked ******* hard. i am saying that The Cheshires(minority) and (i forgot to mention) the RHA were pump at there jobs.
    As for the extraction of the RHA on the 9th of August, every unit was ordered not to travel down red route even us in our warriors, However the RHA decided that they knew better, and to back up my knowledge of the RHA being unprofessional and basicly crap at there job, they said that they had destroyed there snatch's, however there is footage of the militia driving one of the snatch's.
    If you would like a FULL, in depth account of evrything that happend then i am more then happy to inform u.